How To Prepare Yourself and Your Surroundings Before House Shifting?

Shifting your house, office, business, car, bike, or pet needs a proper plan to meet with a successful accomplishment. We will be focussing on shifting houses in this piece of writing. I will tell you the ways to prepare yourself and your surroundings before house shifting. You need to plan out your relocation at least a month before the actual day of your move. There are a few things that you have to take care of before you pack and move in real.

Here are the following tips to help you prepare yourself and your surroundings before house shifting:

Talk to your Family

As we are talking about preparing ourselves for the move, first you must break the news of the move to your family. The sooner you do it, the better. You should rather discuss the house shifting from Hyderabad to Pune when all the members of the family are seated together. Discuss the positive side of the move, the promising lifestyle, and the better employment opportunities. When the entire family puts forward their views and suggestions, make a note of them.


You have already heard about the requirements and preferences of your family members about the moving process. Now, it is time to introspect and go through the notes that you made. Think rationally and make a proper plan using their inputs and your sensibility to make your house shifting feasible and easy.

Inform your landlord

If you are staying in a rented place, you should inform your landlord about your house shifting at least one month in advance. Otherwise, you cannot expect your landlord to return you the security deposit amount without any clash. If you don’t want something like this to happen, you should inform your landlord in advance.

Make an inventory

This is the most important task in the entire preparatory stage of house shifting. Make an inventory allotting the needful house shifting tasks to be done in the moving process. If you make an inventory for the move and follow it, you will complete all the necessary tasks on time. Make a list of all the belongings in your house that you would like to carry from your present house to your new house. You can also make separate lists for the different rooms in your house. It will make things organised and you will not miss out on anything.

Pack the valuables and the essentials separately

The day of the move is full of hustle-bustle. All your belongings will be piled up to get packed. If you will look for something on an urgent basis, you cannot find them in its usual places. You should pack your valuable possessions and the essentials separately. Keep the precious jewellery, expensive watches, pricey gadgets, important documents, etc. in a distinct bag and lock it inside the vault of your cabinet.

Make an essentials kit where you should keep all the necessary items that you will need right after you move into your new house. Pack your dental kit, bedspread, towels, a set of garments and undergarments, some basic toiletries, etc. You can pack them in a box or a big-sized tote bag.

Keep both the bag of valuables and the essentials kit under your custody. You should not let the packers and movers handle these. Carry them with you in a private vehicle as you move from one house to another.

Supervise the utilities

Utility services comprise electric connection, water connection, DTH connection, internet connection, and LPG connection. We need all these services to maintain a normal life in today’s world. Therefore, we have to be careful about transferring the utility services as we shift houses. Discontinue the utilities from your current home on the day of your move and avail the same services as you arrive in your new house.

Get rid of the junk

There are many things in your household that you don’t need in the future. Some of the things are stocked up for several years and have never been used. If you did not need them all this while, chances are that you will not need them in the future either. You should get rid of them. Separate the essentials from the inessentials in your household.

You can do a lot of things with the inessentials as well. You can sell them on second-hand selling sites like OLX and Quikr and make some extra bucks in this process. If you have old clothes, shoes, bags, books, and toys, you can donate them to an orphanage or NGO. You will also find some absolute garbage in your house that are unusable and broken items, you should discard them. Carry only the essential items to your new house. Keep your move lightweight. Moving with fewer items will help you in reducing the moving costs.

Get professional help

You should get professional help to carry out a house shifting with ease and efficiency. Look for the best-suited packers and movers in your vicinity. Ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbours. Make a list of the packers and movers and ask them to send you the cost quotations after conducting a pre-move survey. Compare the quotes and choose the most economic option. Verify the credentials of the moving company and decide to go ahead with them for your move. Professional packers are skilled and experienced in handling shifting activities of the clients. You can be sure of a safe and hassle-free move with the packers and movers.

Take care of yourself

Don’t forget to take care of yourself as you prepare for your house shifting. Eat a balanced diet, sleep for at least 8 hours a day, drink lots of water, exercise every day, and practice meditation. Stay fit and sane as you plan your move.

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The Completion

House shifting is a tough phase in your life and an important one. You have to prepare the whole undertaking in a proactive way. After reading this article on how to prepare yourself and your surroundings before house shifting, I am sure you are feeling quite sorted. I wish you good luck!


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