How to Permanently Rectify QuickBooks Display Issues?

QuickBooks is a dynamic application with numerous advanced features and a great interface. But, none of these advancements matters if users can’t work on it due to QuickBooks display issues. The issue leads to delays in work and hence hampers productivity. Most of QuickBooks users come across display issues when they switch to a high-resolution monitor. It is important to get rid of the issue before it turns into a blunder. Follow the guidance blog carefully for complete insights on QuickBooks Desktop display issues.

If you are wondering how to deal with QuickBooks Display issues, reach out to the QuickBooks technical support for direct assistance by calling us on our customer service number 1.855.738.2784

Let’s discuss the reasons why you come across display issues in QuickBooks

  1. Display settings in Windows and QuickBooks are not configured correctly.
  2. The high-resolution monitor you are using is not compatible with the QuickBooks version.

Best Possible Solutions to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop Display issues

Solution 1. Alter QuickBooks display settings

  1. Close the company file, then quit the QuickBooks Desktop application and move to your desktop.
  2. Click the Windows icon, enter QuickBooks in the search field, and right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  3. Choose the Open file location option and look for the QuickBooks.exe file from the folder.
  4. Right-click the file, choose Properties and click the Compatibility tab.
  5. Click to mark the Disable display scaling on the high DPI settings checkbox, then select Change high DPI settings and Override high DPI scaling behavior.
  6. Select Apply, then OK, and reopen QuickBooks to review display issues.

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Solution 2. Make changes to the QuickBooks Desktop view preferences

  1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop application, click the edit menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Go through the list of preferences, choose Desktop View and click the My Preferences tab.
  3. Next, move to the View section and click the One window option.
  4. Click OK to save the changes you made, and restart QuickBooks to check around for display issues.

Solution 3. Reset the screen resolution settings on your workstation

  1. Quit QuickBooks Desktop, go to your Windows Desktop and right-click.
  2. Click Display, move to the left pane and choose Advanced Display settings.
  3. If multiple displays are attached to your PC, select Display and click the display you need to modify option.
  4. Move to the Resolution section and choose the resolution 1024 X 768 or higher.
  5. Click the Keep the Changes button and open QuickBooks to check the issues.

Solution 4. Reset DPI settings in Windows

  1. Within the Control Panel, tap the Windows + X keys together to go to the prompt window.
  2. Choose Appearance and Personalization and head to the Change Item Size section.
  3. Choose Set custom scaling, scroll the drop-down list and select 100% scaling.
  4. Next, click OK and log in to QuickBooks to see the effect.

We are now concluding our blog on QuickBooks Display issues. It has covered the tried and proven troubleshooting solutions to get rid of them permanently. If you still face the same in QuickBooks, contact the QuickBooks technical support team for help by calling us on our helpline number 1.855.738.2784.

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