How to perform correct Covid ventilation?

It is very important to carry out a correct cleaning and disinfection of these spaces as well as maintain good anti-Covid ventilation.

Going to close areas such as offices or schools entails great risks of contagion of the coronavirus if the pertinent measures are not taken. It is very important to carry out a correct cleaning and disinfection of these spaces as well as maintain good anti-Covid ventilation.

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However, the excess of information received in this regard can generate doubts. For this reason, we are going to explain how to act to maintain correct ventilation and minimize the risk of contagion by air.

 What are aerosols and why is it important to ventilate

There are various forms of contagion of COVID-19 and one of them is aerial transmission by aerosols. Small particles of saliva, less than 5 microns in size, but which can remain in the air at a distance greater than 2 meters and for a variable time. The risk of contagion that this type of particle presents has not yet been defined. However, what has been shown is that its spread is greater in closed places.

Here, the best preventive measure is to maintain good natural cross ventilation. This type of ventilation is the one that occurs when there are two windows or doors on opposite walls, thus generating air inlets and outlets. This facilitates the replacement of indoor air with virus-free outdoor air.

Using fans should be avoided in case there is no outlet or an extractor on the opposite side since they contribute to the spread of the virus without renewing the air.

It must also be stressed that these ventilation measures are always complementary to the other safety mechanisms. Using a mask, and hydrogels and maintaining a safe distance, are guidelines that must continue to be maintained even if good ventilation of the coronavirus is carried out .

Keys to ventilation COVID-19

To achieve good ventilation, it is not enough to just open the window for a few minutes a day. Following the technical recommendations published by the Department of Health. Below we will give you the keys to correctly ventilate classrooms and offices.

 Recommendations for ventilation in schools

According to the guidelines on how ventilation should be, we should carry prepared by researchers. About 5 or 6 air changes out per hour. We must carry these out even when temperatures are low since, below 3 renewals per hour, is a high-risk situation in the event of someone infected in the classroom.

In this same guide, they establish that for this air renewal to be effective; it is necessary to consider certain aspects. The main ones are the volume of the room. The number, and age of the occupants. The activity, as well as the number of infections in that region.

 Recommendations for ventilation in companies

With companies, the use of air conditioning systems is more common. So the action protocol differs slightly from that of schools. However, natural cross ventilation is the top preference.

  • Air renewal is the most important, so if possible, they recommend a minimum of 12.5 liters per second and occupant. To ensure these figures, increase ventilation or limit the occupancy of the spaces.
  • Supervise that the air conditioning systems work correctly going forward.
  • We recommend it disconnecting the specific air quality control systems (CO2 probes, etc.), giving priority to the system flow rate (by schedule). During working hours, the ideal is to work with the maximum flow from two hours before opening and up to two hours after closing.
  • Recirculation of air needs regulation or need reduction.
  • Neither the heating nor changing the cooling temperature and the humidity ranges should be between 30% and 70%.
  • Renew air filters whenever necessary.


Cleaning of work centers in case of positive covid

We already talked about the importance of cleaning and disinfection tasks in the office against coronavirus. But in the event of a case of suspicion or contagion of Covid. It is necessary to apply a specific cleaning protocol.

According to the guide prepared by the Government, in the event of a positive case. We recommend that the space where the person has to be in an area with good ventilation for at least four hours. This ventilation must begin at least two hours before starting the disinfection work. Both naturally and mechanically, through cross ventilation and with air conditioning systems. In addition, the air supply and return grilles must also be cleaned, as well as the internal filter of these systems, by spraying disinfectant.

Without a doubt, we are talking about a very delicate task. Both the health of your workers and the future of your business depend. To avoid situations of this type, the work of professional cleaning and disinfection companies such as SCS Cleaning Solution is essential to guarantee safety in the workspace.

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