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How To Manufacture High-End Lip Balm Display Boxes?

Lip Balm Display Boxes

There resides fierce competition in the cosmetic world. This is because the industry is very saturated and a considerable number of brands are still entering it. A wide range of similar cosmetic products is offered by all cosmetic brands. Speaking of lip balms and lipsticks, people consider them a must-have cosmetic item. They tend to take a lip balm or lipstick along with them wherever they go. To make your lip balm product enchanting and unique. You must get custom packaging to display these boxes more effectively.

To crush the competition you must showcase your products ideally on the retail shelves. To achieve this objective, lip balm display boxes come into play. These boxes are used by most brands to highlight their presence. So that more people will get to know them. Getting these boxes is one thing but manufacturing them competitively is another thing that is crucial too.

After all, you would not risk your investment by getting lousy packaging.

Therefore, the following tips will help you to get wonderful displays.

Choose Protective Material

Display packaging is used for several items therefore it should be highly protective. For this purpose, you must consider effective packaging materials. That may include heavy cardboard or corrugated cardboard material. You can easily get these materials. And manufacture suitable packaging designs for your displays. You must make these boxes competitive so that they can be easily delivered.

Cardboard material is made of organic fibers such as wood pulp and other degradable substances. Therefore, these materials are highly ecological. And the manufacturing of these boxes is environmentally friendly.

These boxes are lightweight but can lift the weight of the products effectively. You may also use inserts to make these boxes remarkably protective.

Go For Inexpensive Options

Cardboard and paperboard materials are available at reasonable prices. Due to this, you do not have to spend a heavy investment. Use these boxes as they can effectively hold your product in its place and do not break the bank. With that, you must choose suitable customizations that are not only cost-effective but also help you to retain your image in the market.

You must hire a professional packaging manufacturer in this regard. Most packaging companies offer inexpensive packaging if you become their loyal customers. Also, you must go for wholesale packaging if you are running a large size business. It will not only save your time but also your money. Most of the builders also offer free shipment due to which you will not have to face any difficulty while getting these boxes.

Use High-Tech Printing

Printing is the essence of your product packaging and without it. You cannot tell customers your brand story. For this purpose, you must choose high-tech printing. Which brings you magnificent printing results. So that you will not have to settle for less. Packaging companies offer different printing methods. You can easily pick up the suitable method by comparing their features.

These printing methods may include:


  • Offset or indirect printing method in which ink is not directly applied on the packaging surface.
  • It is an expensive method.
  • It gives out high printing images.
  • It can be applied to different types of packaging materials.


  • Onset or direct printing method in which printing ink is directly transferred to the packaging material.
  • It is a cost-effective method, especially for long-run projects.
  • Compared to lithography, its printing quality is low.
  • It can also be used for different packaging mediums.

Screen Printing

  • It is an old printing method.
  • Screens are used for putting ink on the packaging surface.
  • Each screen used only one color of ink due to which this method is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore it is suitable for short run projects
  • The quality of prints lasts for a considerable time.

Digital Printing

  • It is the most advanced and ecological printing method.
  • It is recommended for short-run projects as for bigger projects, it becomes an expensive method.
  • It gives good quality printing yet colors are difficult to match.

Include Branding Details

When it comes to marketing, display packaging is considered as best in product presentation. You must make these boxes spectacular. So that they will grab the attention of the users in a few seconds. For this purpose, you must give your displays a professional look such as by including brand details. These details may include:

  • Brand name
  • Logo design
  • Slogans

When you include these details on the displays. And people will get to know you. Also, they judge the way you include these details. Therefore, you must choose the appropriate font style. Or size to include these details. Otherwise, the customer may perceive you as a lousy brand and will not give it a second thought.

You must include these details on the top of the display where they can be easily seen. When you include these details wisely on the packaging box. The customer will get a memorable impression and will likely buy the product again and again.

Pick Up a Suitable Design

Lip balm display boxes are available in different styles such as countertop displays, power wings, floor displays, end caps, and panel boxes. You can choose whatever display you find suitable. Countertop displays and lip balms are the most popular.  You must design these boxes by taking appropriate measurements. So that you would have to regret it afterward.

You may also use these displays as tester boxes. This is because most cosmetic brands use display packaging for testers. It is a tactic to draw the attention of the customer. However, you must specify the sides of the packaging box with the details you want to include. In this way, you will be able to represent your brand as an authorized figure.


Display packaging comes into play when it comes to retail marketing. You must wisely design these boxes by comparing the cost. And the effectiveness of different packaging materials. Choose a suitable printing method and make your displays alluring with relevant graphics. Tell your audience an authentic brand story by including the brand name. And logo design in these boxes.

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