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How to make my eyelashes grow

If you haven’t been blessed by the lash gods, keeping your lashes long can seem like an eternal uphill battle. Of course, you can resort to eyelash extensions or false lashes, but in eyelash services, you can find things for eyelashes that are healthy, long, and grow faster. But you have the right idea here; instead of resorting to short-term solutions, you want to get to the literal root of your problem and figure out how to fix it. grow your eyelashes and not just fake the length.

But first, a disclaimer. Like scalp hair, eyelashes naturally fall out and are replaced every six to ten weeks. So it’s perfectly normal to lose one to five eyelashes each day. Thinning lashes are another part of the aging process, so if you don’t feel like your lashes are as long and thick as they used to be, don’t worry. In most cases, some hair loss and thinning is completely natural and nothing to worry about.

That being said, your lashes can become brittle and brittle due to things like inappropriate eye products, new medications, and underlying health conditions, so be sure to check with your doctor if your lash loss is significant.

Meanwhile, you can coax your eyelash growth with some love. Of course, there are a lot of women’s tales circulating on the net (I’m looking at you, lemon juice), but remember, we’re talking about your eyes here, so please don’t be too experimental. Many of these methods are actually ineffective and, in addition, can harm the area around the eyes. I’m talking about dermatologist-approved methods that really work and are good for your lash line in the long run. Here are some best practices.

Clean and brush your lashes regularly.

According to Jeannette Graf, MD, NYC Certified Dermatologist, lash care should be approached as a combination of skin and hair care. Just like you don’t go to bed with tangled hair to prevent breakage, brush your lashes once a day to detangle and stimulate your hair follicles. And since you wouldn’t think of moisturizing dirty skin (or at least I hope so), always apply lash care to clean, dry eyes. “Just like you apply your skincare routine at night, your lash routine should be the same,” says Dr. Graf.

Use eyelash serums to prevent breakage.

I’m sure you’ve seen that there are many natural ingredients (see: castor oil, vitamin E, and coconut oil) that people recommend for your lashes. However, the truth is that they only moisturize and nourish the eyelashes, and do not make them grow. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them – shiny and strong lashes are always a good thing, right? Lash conditioners help strengthen hair and prevent breakage, which will ultimately help you in your quest for fuller lashes.

Ask your dermatologist about eyelash growth serum.

As far as eyelash growth serums are concerned, these guys contain active ingredients that actually stimulate new hair growth. But proceed with caution: Latisse is the only FDA-approved eyelash growth product on the market. It was originally used as a cure for glaucoma before experts realized it had the rather strong side effect of longer eyelashes thanks to the growing strength of bimatoprost.

Be patient.

Your eyelash growth cycle consists of three phases: catagen (resting phase), telogen (shedding phase) and anagen (growth phase). According to Dr. Graf, your lashes spend most of their time in the catagen and telogen phases, so it’s only natural for the growth phase to take some time. In fact, your eyelashes can only grow naturally after three months, even with the right methods. Don’t get too frustrated if you don’t see results right away – your lashes may take a while to get into the right phase. And if you’re looking for instant gratification, try to resist the urge to get lash extensions and opt for an lash lift instead.

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