How to Make a Copy of a Broken Car Key

Make a Copy of a Broken Car Key

Breaking your car key can be a very frustrating and difficult experience. It can ruin your day and create many problems for you. However, you can call a locksmith to help you get out of this situation. A locksmith usually copies the broken car key to help you get back access to your car. However, it usually depends on the skills of the locksmith that you have hired, the type of the car key, and whether you have the vehicle identification number or not. It is usually easy to make a copy of a simple type of car key. However, if the key uses some advanced technology like chips, it becomes harder to copy it, and you may need a very skilled locksmith for that since he may have to program a transponder to the remote key or car. Here are some simple and common ways to make a copy of a broken car key. Let’s have a look at them.

1- Key Cut Method

For older vehicles, the key cutting method is considered ideal in which keys are cut to fit in the car lock cylinder. This method can be used when you have broken the car key in the lock cylinder. However, a machine with accuracy and high precision is required to achieve a perfect key. Metal is loaded on the machine, which cuts it accordingly in the shape of your car key. All you need is a vehicle identification code which you can easily get through a code reader. After that, the machine will start making the key as per the code given by the reader. However, you might still require some manual adjustments even after getting the new key; therefore, you should call an expert locksmith for this job. When a locksmith does the final adjustments, you will get a key similar to the broken one.

2- Imprint Method

Impression keys are the type of car keys that are created by a technique when other options or appropriate skills are not available. This is primarily a time-consuming method for cars, but you can easily make a new key even if your key is broken. Every professional locksmith is a master of this method as it takes advantage of the pins installed in the locks. Firstly, you need to take the broken part of the key out of the lock cylinder. After that, you must insert a blank key inside the lock. These pins will leave marks on the blank key, which can be trimmed with a blade and form a new key. However, reading these marks is a tough job. Therefore you must undergo several attempts if you want to get a perfect key in the end.

3- Scope Method

The latest car locks are made with modern technology that allows you to get into the vehicle without a physical key. Despite the widespread use of this latest system, locking mechanisms are still the same in most vehicles. Most locksmiths use this method as they insert a small telescopic sight into the lock to analyze the cylinder. Before doing this, they use a sharp tool to take the broken key out of the vehicle lock. Afterward, the locksmith creates a key with the same pattern that matches the original key. This technology allows car operators to save costs of redesigning keys by car manufacturers.

Any of the ways mentioned above can be used to make a copy of a broken car key. The locksmith selects the method based on the type of the car key and the time constraints.

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