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How to Integrate Technology in a Classroom

Like every other aspect of our lives, technology has significantly changed the education sector. Today, students can learn online without moving a foot outside their homes. Scholars can write their research work with the help of an expert dissertation writer online without wasting time. Students with disabilities do not have to attend school and feel belittled. Education is at our doorsteps now, even in our hands. Still, some schools are living years back in this modern world and teaching with old schooling methods. Perhaps they are unaware of ways to integrate technology in a classroom.

This article offers a definitive guide to adding technology into a classroom with old learning methods. Thus, if you want to teach your students efficiently with smart tech ways, read the rest of the blog. It can change your concept, and you will undeniably bring technology into your classroom.

Integrating Technology in a Classroom and Why

Students today like to learn through different types of method, especially the one that contains technology in the classroom. That is why most schools nowadays include virtual learning, visuals, infographics, and whatnot in the classroom. All of this engages students in education and make them better learners. The aim of technology in the education sector is to meet the unique needs of students in hi-tech ways.

Integrating Technology in a Classroom and Why

Every school can integrate technology into the classroom, as there is no rocket science behind it. Most schools use technology to enhance student learning experience without losing their monetary status. It means adding technology in the classroom will not be a big financial issue for your school. If you wonder how to integrate technology, here is all you need to do.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentations can be ideal to catch the attention of students in the classroom. Thus, consider adding PowerPoint presentations in the classroom as the first thing to do. With the use of bulleted information and graphics, you can teach your students effectively. Although PowerPoint is not a big start towards adding technology in a classroom, it still can make a change.

Online Homework Assignments

There are many remote earning platforms available on the internet, like Google Classroom, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, etc. Teaching your students to use these platforms and uploading homework online is an ideal step to integrating technology in the classroom. Also, these platforms make things easily accessible such as, students will not have to come to you and submit their assignments. It increases engagement and helps students manage time better and become more organized. Besides, we suggest you integrate Google Classroom because it is easy and free to use.

Gamified Learning

There is no doubt nearly every student likes to play video games more than study. Due to this, academic experts brought gaming into education, which today, people call gamified learning or gamification. It is very easy to integrate into the classroom, as you have to deliver education in a gaming competitive way. For example, you can make groups and give them online assignments in the shape of puzzles and riddles related to course materials. Ask each group to solve the puzzles and riddles using the internet and come up with valid answers to gain levels or marks. It will make them feel like they are playing a game instead of studying.

Bring In Social Media

Everyone uses social media today, especially the youth. That is why they can study more actively if we deliver it on social media. For example, you can create a Facebook group for your class where you share crucial topics and discuss course materials with students. You can also ask students to post their concerns in that group to get answers. That way, students will not have to come to you to share their problems. Also, students can randomly respond to posts to help each other.

Moreover, social media platforms have a range of features that can be beneficial for education, such as polling, live streaming, group voice, video chat, etc. You can conduct a survey on feedback from your students just by starting a poll. Also, you can amuse your students by recalling previous class topics through polls with multiple choices and letting them respond with correct answers.

Creating Digital Content

Students these days are too new to learn from textbooks, they live in a digitalized world. Therefore, they may find digital content more interesting. That is why creating digital content related to the course outline is a great way to engage students. The simplest way to create digital content and integrate it into the classroom is by asking students for their preferences. For example, some students would want to learn from videos or audio lectures, whereas others from infographics, visuals, and blogs. This way, you can meet each student’s learning needs while integrating technology into the classroom.

Digital Literacy

We know that students can find nearly any academic topic to learn and research on the internet. However, not every information or source of knowledge we find is authentic always. Perhaps you might have heard that Wikipedia, a well-known information site, is not a trustworthy source. If a world-class information website is not a reliable source of knowledge, then what is? Bring digital literacy into your classroom to help students differentiate what on the internet is authentic and what is not.

Besides, many teachers make the mistake of telling students that a website is not reliable without telling them why? So be careful while making any statement about something you do not know because technology can lead to both good and bad sides.


Technology today plays a crucial role in nearly every stage of our life. For students, it is a blessing and made such things possible that we could not even imagine. Just think of how beneficial it is that a scholar can seek the help of an expert dissertation writer online without wasting time convincing their supervisor. Or a student who does not like to study with others can now earn a degree by sitting at home? All this is possible today with the countless gifts of technology.

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