How to install an HVAC solution for Industries?

HVAC Installation

Selecting an HVAC system is a task that often proves to be complicated given.  The diversity of devices available on the market. And yet, whether in the context of a renovation or a new construction.  These three pieces of equipment guarantee the comfort of the users of a building. At James HVAC Technologies, a company specializing in climate engineering.  You will have no trouble finding an HVAC solution that meets your needs. Our experienced technicians direct you to the devices adapted to your environment.  In addition, they ensure the implementation of the entire network.

How to choose your HVAC system?

The installation of an HVAC device generally involves the installation of an entire network combining air conditioning, ventilation and heating. This is the case of the VRV (variable refrigerant volume) system. It is suitable for large spaces, and the Air Handling Unit.  Effective in large premises, which do not have partitions. The industrial boiler is an interesting and sustainable alternative suitable for all types of premises. For all HVAC solutions.  We ensure the installation and advise you on the model to choose. We intervene for the installation of HVAC systems includes:

  • The heating installation
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Ventilation installation

For the HVAC solution and each piece of equipment to guarantee good hygienic conditions, several criteria must be taken into account upstream. In any case, the missions of our advisers will consist in offering you economical, ecological solutions and above all respecting the standards in force.

Our heating solutions and their advantages:

On the market, there is a whole range of heating models that differ according to the technology used. At James HVAC Technologies, we favor heat pumps (PAC) in particular thanks to the energy savings they cause. The operation of a heat pump is based on the natural transfer of heat from a high temperature environment to a low temperature environment, or vice versa.

The pump can be in air-air or air-water version.  In both cases it guarantees a homogeneous and constant heat distribution. In addition, the device converts energy in the air, water and earth to heat the building. With this technology, you can achieve an energy saving of nearly 75% on the heating bill. To further reduce consumption, the heat pump gives you the possibility of setting the ideal ambient temperature in each room. Once it is reached, the heat pump stops and then restarts automatically if the temperature changes. Finally, it is possible to install an efficient reversible heat pump in both winter and summer. Indeed, these models can heat a home on cold days and then cool the interior on sunny days. You thus combine two devices in one, which already represents a considerable saving.

The use of an industrial boiler is a second recommended solution. We select high-performance boilers for you that will help reduce your energy consumption. They are appreciated for their reliability, robustness and durability over time. This heating solution includes different types of operation: the water tube boiler and the smoke tube boiler. You can consult our advice for choosing the industrial boiler that meets your criteria.

Choosing your company ventilation: single-flow VMC or double-flow VMC?

In a professional premises or a factory, ventilation is an essential installation to maintain a healthy atmosphere, but also to renew the air. For closed spaces, we systematically recommend VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation) for hygienic reasons. This also helps to control the humidity level in the ambient air and prevent the appearance of mold or other fungi. For Commercial Plumbing Course Click Here

At James HVAC Technologies, we offer two types of VMC: single or double flow. Your choice will mainly depend on budget and needs. The single flow VMC is the most common model since it requires little maintenance, moreover, its price remains the most affordable. The device is equipped with an extractor that evacuates the air inside to the outside.

Allowing automatic setting, this solution renews the air continuously. Note however that the VMC will have to work constantly therefore it consumes a fairly high amount of energy. The double flow VMC uses a double flow ventilation with entry and exit. The coolness or heat in the ambient air is thus recovered in order to regulate (heat or cool) the temperature inside. Its consumption is higher than that of a simple flow model, but recycling the air allows you to save 15% on air conditioning or heating.

Whatever type of ventilation you choose, James HVAC provides a complete service by offering you the maintenance of your ventilation: maintenance and repair.

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