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How to host the ideal Virtual Baby Shower?

If you have a best friend/sister who’s pregnant. Also, you’re looking for the perfect way to help her celebrate her upcoming bundle of joy. This article is for you!

A virtual baby shower is a great option if your significant other or bestie lives far away, but it can be just as fun for everyone who RSVPs. You can do all of the planning from the comfort of your own home. And still communicate with those that are too busy to RSVP or live in another time zone.

Virtual Baby Showers are perfect for keeping the focus on the mom-to-be. That includes all of her closest friends and family members. There’s no pressure to ship anything, no need to feed a big crowd and there’s no cleanup!

Choose your level of participation in the planning of the baby shower

You can do all of the planning from the comfort of your own home. And still communicate with those that are too busy to RSVP or live in another time zone.

There are 3 levels of participation that you can choose from. That is based on how much time you have to participate in the planning:

1. Host – If you are able to schedule one to two hours a day for planning for the baby shower, this is the role for you. This includes hosting the virtual baby shower. As well as picking out cute/fun/awesome items from an online baby registry, and doing all of the shopping!

2. Gift Giver – You are still in charge of purchasing all of the gifts for the guests and keeping them organized. You will communicate with your gift recipient via email or phone during this time.

3. Guest – If you don’t have the time to send gifts, but would still like to participate as a guest, you can offer to send cards or pictures of the baby/babies. You can also email your gift recipient your personal message during this time.

Pick a “venue”

Make sure that you pick a location that you can all easily clear off of, like your home office or living room. It is helpful to have a space set aside for gift bags and other baby shower packages. Include a few games, such as “guess the baby’s gender” or “guess the date of birth”, to add some fun competition to the virtual baby shower party.

Send your guests invitations

If you choose the first option (host) to send out the invitations, you will be in charge of finding a cute way to go about doing this. You can post your virtual baby shower invitations on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Every guest will have a cute little button to click that sends them directly to your virtual baby shower party.

Make your theme and decorating decisions

Once you’ve picked a venue, you are ready to decide on your theme and decorating ideas. You will want to include a few games and activities that everyone can enjoy – not just yourself! How creative can you get?

Create some entertaining games

Have a “Who Am I?” game, that will help guests find out all of their baby shower gifts, etc.

Tie in the theme to the gender of your baby: Choose a gender-appropriate color (pink for girls, blue for boys) and decorate accordingly. This is an easy way to make your baby shower more memorable and personal! Have guests guess which color is present in the nursery – it’s a fun way to interact with everyone and break the ice.

Have a theme song

Pick the perfect gift-giving “hats” for each guest that you invite. You can make or buy these hats to further individualize your virtual baby shower. You can also have special guests such as mom, dad or grandma wear a different hat as part of your decorating and game plan.

Hire a professional Event Planner

You can engage a qualified event planner like We Host Events if you don’t want any headaches or need someone competent to handle everything. Your virtual baby shower will go more smoothly once you choose a person to help you plan, schedule, and coordinate your time for the virtual baby shower.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Event Planner

If you don’t want to take on the responsibility of planning your virtual baby shower, hiring an event planner will help you with all of the details. Here are some of the benefits that an event planner can offer to you and your guests:

Hire a professional to determine how many people will be attending and send out invitations, thank-you notes, and other party details. Gain more comfort with knowing that everything is organized and ready for your party.

Conclusion: There are many reasons why you should host the ideal virtual baby shower. You can do it from anywhere in the world when your friend is too busy to host a party herself. It’s easier to do than you might think, and everyone can enjoy the experience, no matter what their schedule is!

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