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How To Fix Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile? [Solved]

The Outlook email client is a feature-rich one and eases a lot of work-related activities of people. However, recently users have started noticing that it gets stuck at processing while sending or accessing an email. In such cases, it is natural to question how do I fix Outlook stuck on processing. This problem can arise because of many reasons. Some of them include the interference of third-party applications and an out-of-date MS Office. Apart from that, a corrupt Outlook profile can also lead to Outlook getting stuck on the loading profile. In this article, you’ll find some of the best fixes for this problem.


Fixes for Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile

There are various ways to eliminate this issue. So, follow these fixes whenever you find the Outlook application getting stuck or freezing while loading the profile.

1. Launch Outlook in Safe Mode

The first and foremost way to fix this issue is to start MS Outlook in Safe Mode. For it, close the application and then follow these points.

 Open Outlook in Safe Mode by first choosing the ‘Start’ option.

  • Input ‘Outlook.exe /safe’ on the ‘Run’ box. Then hit ‘Enter.’
  • Windows 7 users can tap the ‘Start’ icon, and below ‘Search Programs and Files’ box, input ‘Outlook/ safe.’ Then click ‘Enter.’
  • Next, close Outlook. After a few moments, open it in the usual way.

2. Close each Outlook Dialogue Box

People generally force close their Outlook program when a dialogue box is open. It results in a glitch in the dialogue box and can lead to Outlook stuck on loading profile problem. So, check for the dialogue boxes by utilizing the buttons alt + tab. Press these two buttons together to find each window on the main screen. If you find any dialogue box in a specific window belonging to Outlook, you must close it.

3. Install the latest Office Updates

Do not forget to keep MS Office updated at all times. Sometimes, a corrupt file can result in you finding Outlook stuck at loading profile. So, update MS Office to the recent version by following these points.

  • Open a program from the Office suite like Word.
  • Tap ‘File’ and choose ‘Account.’ Then choose ‘Account Settings.’
  • Tap ‘Update Options’ and choose ‘Update Options’ again.
  • To start the update procedure, press ‘Update Now.’
  • After the update ends, close the setup wizard.
  • Start Outlook again.

4. Repair Outlook 2016

Another way to fix Outlook getting stuck at processing is to repair the application. Windows 10 users should tap ‘Start’ and follow these points.

  • Input ‘Apps and Features.’
  • Choose ‘Microsoft Office’ and hit ‘Modify.’
  • Next, tap ‘Quick Repair’ followed by ‘Repair’ to commence the repair process. 
  • After the repair ends, restart the system.


Final Words

Follow these fixes whenever you face this problem. Yo’ll no longer question how do I fix Outlook stuck on processing? If you cannot resolve the problem, it’s best to contact expert email customer care services. The technical professionals will fix this problem immediately for you. 

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