How to Find the Best CRM Call Center in 2022?

The CRM call center is a tool that is used for managing the customer’s communication from multiple channels. But sometimes people confuse a call center CRM with just a simple contact and lead management and this is just a misconception. A CRM for a call center should also have telephonic features like handling inbound and outbound calls and SMS. Some modern tools even offer social media integration like WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, etc so that a linear stream of communication remains intact. This article will simply talk about CRM solutions that fit these criteria. Let’s have a look at our picks.

Top 4 CRM Call Center in 2022


Freshworks developed this CRM vertical called Freshsales and it has specialized features for sales and customer service departments. It is a cloud-based solution that offers terrific telephony functionalities. Freshsales is suitable for inbound as well as outbound call centers. You will get features like automatic call routing and forwarding, click-to-call, automated call recording, etc. There is also an analytics tool to track the performance of sales and support team members.

The mobile application of Freshsales increases the accessibility for the users to a great extent. In their application, you can talk to people while not on your system and log calls. You can even attach a call to particular contact, account, or lead.

Freshsales also has an advanced vertical for the call center called Freshdesk Contact Center. Previously, it was known as Freshcaller. This platform will offer you additional features like international calling, call blocking, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), voice bots, etc. Freshdesk Contact Center has a free version for beginner users as well as paid plan starting from $15 per agent per month. 

Agile CRM: Multi-Channel Contact Center

Though Agile CRM is a full-fledged Customer Relationship Management platform, it gives the flexibility to users to integrate third-party telephony systems and utilize their functionalities in the CRM. There are many VoIP (Voice Over IP) providers that are capable of integrating with Agile CRM, for example, Twilio, Plivo, and RingCentral. The one feature that makes it stand out is the enhanced caller ID, with this agents can see the information of the caller before the call even connects. Apart from this, there are some automated features as well like call scripting, voicemail, call forwarding, call routing, etc.

But all these high-end functionalities come with a price and we mean literally. Unlike Freshsales which provides calling capabilities in its free version, you won’t get the same benefits in the Agile CRM. Whilst, in Agile CRM, you need to subscribe to either one of two high-tier plans.

Zoho CRM: The Most Affordable CRM Call Center

Zoho CRM is an affordable alternative to Agile CRM, it even offers a free plan with basic features. And Zoho CRM paid version provide advanced features at a relatively lower price. Zoho has built-in telephony functionalities that allow you to purchase local phone numbers. You can further assign each phone number to a dedicated agent for outgoing calls.

The unique selling proposition of the Zoho CRM is that you will get the Zoho Desk integrated free of cost. With the help of Zoho Desk, you can generate email support tickets and have access to other helpdesk facilities. Getting all these perks without any additional charges makes it a standout performer.

SuiteCRM: An Open-Source Alternative

SuiteCRM is one of the most used open-source CRM software. It is on the list because of the availability of the source code, which makes it more customizable than any other platform. Secondly, since it is an open-source platform you will save a lot of money by not paying the per-user per-month price. In lieu of this, you will only need to pay the VoIP service provider for using their telephony services. Let’s have a look at an example to get a better understanding.

We have integrated the functionalities o Twilio with SuiteCRM to build an omnichannel contact center. Our tool will give you the freedom to engage in conversations via any channel including SMS, Call, and WhatsApp. In terms of calling, you will get the feature of click-to-call as well as the auto-dial. Both of these features are integral for a contact center. For SMS, there are three ways to send a text message. The first is click to SMS through which you can start the conversation by clicking on the phone number. The second option is to send a message to bulk contacts in a single go, this type of messaging will save you a lot of time. And finally the third is Drip SMS which is sending a pre-recorded message to customers at a predefined time. Drip SMS is considered to be the best way to engage in a personalized conversation.

Ending Note

We hoped you liked our comparison between CRM call centers. As you may have noticed, every CRM has its own benefits and drawbacks, and while choosing one you need to focus on your own needs.

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