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How to find deep-fitted Egyptian sheets in the UK

Deep fitted sheets double

Comfortable sleep must be a priority for people who want to live life healthily. Pillows, mattresses and beds contribute to better sleep. But we often forget that bed sheets play an important role too. Many people love the long bed sheets, loosely fit and draping from the sides. But is it not the deep fitted sheets double which make the beds look tidier? Moreover, one is never so tangled in them that waking up the first thing in the morning becomes difficult.

Why we are focusing on Egyptian sheets?

Egyptian cotton sheets are among the most opulent ones you can get because of their breathability and toughness. The comfort only increases by the addition of softness that evolves in Egyptian sheets set with their use.

Egyptian cotton bed sheets are made possible by the density of the threads since they are more durable than textiles made from other types of cotton, softer and more opulent than other types of cotton. They weigh less but without sacrificing the fabric’s capacity to breathe, which improves comfort. Additionally, Egyptian cotton can absorb more liquid, which aids in producing dyed fabrics with brighter, more vivid colours. Egyptian cotton has earned a reputation for being extremely opulent, and with good cause.  These cotton is considered the best cotton available because it truly is the finest cotton available; it is not the result of marketing or promotional fluff. Egyptian cotton is always going to be a great choice if you’re wanting to buy anything made of cloth in the future.

Authentic Egyptian cotton used to come from the Gossypium barbadense cotton plant, which grows abundantly in Egypt around the Nile River. There, cotton can develop to its full potential thanks to the chemical composition of the soil. Genuine Egyptian cotton is hand chosen, as opposed to normal cotton, which is gathered by a machine. Due to its extra-long staple length, cotton items made from it are softer and more robust. Egyptian cotton is referred to as cotton with long or extra-long staple cotton which has elongated fibres. But not all cotton made in Egypt stands true to this criterion. And this confusion is used as a marketing strategy for most businesses. They advertise their bed sheets by claiming that they use Egyptian cotton.

How can you find Egyptian Cotton Deep Fitted Sheets in the UK?

It is not that hard. All one has to do is look for online authenticate pages and place your order. You can check for authenticity by asking your friends and acquaintances or by reading the review section. However, there are other things that you have to do on your own so you can let the website know how fitted you want it to be.

Take Measurements of your mattress

Although it may seem obvious, the best way to start is by accurately measuring your mattress. Starting at one of the corners of the mattresses, we advise measuring vertically from the bottom seam to the top using a measuring tape.  It’s necessary to measure the distance from the top seam of the mattress topper to the bottom of the mattress if one is being used (or if your mattress has one built-in). To give yourself enough room to cover, we suggest selecting a 40 cm depth.

Compare it with the size chart

Once you have measured your mattress, you should visit the size chart of the website from which you will purchase it. The standard size for a deep-fitted Egyptian bed sheet double is 137x190x30 cm. However, this standard might differ among the producers. Thus, it is better to do your research and evaluate the size before purchasing.

Pocket Depths

Before purchasing fitted sheets, the pocket depth must be take into account. Fitted sheets won’t remain in place if they are too shallow for your mattress and can’t tuck under the sides. Always check the dimensions of your mattress and the pocket size of the sheet before you buy, considering the fact that pocket size varies between manufacturers. Since the term refers to the sheet’s size rather than the mattress depth it will fit, pocket depth can be a bit problematic. Deduct 2″ from the pocket depth to check if it will suit your mattress. The sheet will fit if the leftover size is greater than or equal to the depth of your mattress.


Never forget when measuring the mattress, make sure it is strip off of all bed linen. This would help in accurate measurement. A lot of the time people forget to purchase pillowcases for their mattresses. Well, remember you might not get a matching piece from a nearby market any time soon. So, it is better that you take the measurements of pillow covers too when buying the complete set.

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