How To Download Facebook Videos On iPhone – Complete Step Guide

How To Download Facebook Videos On iPhone?

Facebook is the place where we all want to spend most of our leisure. Even the platform becoming advanced and more user-friendly day-to-day. And it has become one of the powerful news sources that people use to spread news and everything. It is easy to go through the timeline rather than search google for every single thing. On the other hand, Fb is a place where we can find new friends, chat with them, upload posts, watch videos and TV series and so when spending our free time. There is so much interesting stuff for various age groups.

So, we often want to collect pictures and videos that seem to be interesting when we scroll through the Facebook timeline. Though it is easy to save pictures, download Facebook videos on iPhone is not. Do you know how to download Facebook videos on iPhone? Throughout this narration, you can find out the easiest method to get fb videos on iPhone. Keep the ball rolling.

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone?

What should we do when we want to download Facebook videos on iPhones? As we said, it is not complicated saving photos or images on iPhone because Fb already has a download option for that. But, we cannot use the same way to get FB videos on iPhone. There are many advanced ways for that. But, the tool we brought called Fbdownloader is very simple and will help you to download any video clip from Facebook to your iPhone. Do not waste your time and data by using complicated tools. This Fbdownloader for iPhone can download even long videos for you rapidly.

The Fbdownloader is based on its web page that we can visit through the Safari browser. Just search it and open the page. So you can easily submit the Fb video link there and download it. This Facebook downloader for iPhone is absolutely a free method. Users do not have to install the tool. They can even use their Mac to download FB videos by simply searching using the web browser.

Complete step guide to Fbdownloader

  • First of all, turn on data or connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi
  • Open the Facebook app and go to the video. Or you can go to the videos sector and search the topic there. Those who remember a profile or a page where is the video that they want to download can just search the page and visit there
  • Find the video and click the sharing icon of the post. Then the options list will open. Tap and select the copy link option
  • Now launch the safari and search Fbdownloader for iPhone
  • Open the page and paste the Fb video link into the appropriate field
  • Use the download button and stay for the preview
  • There will be “Other Formats” and “Download SD Video” options with the preview
  • Select one of them and continue. If you click the first option, you can request the video in other file formats. If it is the second option, the FB video will download in SD format

Note: Anyone who wants to download Facebook Videos on Mac, Windows, or Android too can follow the same directions. They can use any web browser to open the Fbdownloader tool and save videos in the same way. The tool can faster the download process if you connect your iPhone to stable Wi-Fi access.

Is it safe to use?

You may be afraid to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone using Fbdownloader because it is a third-party tool and you are anxious about your profile’s security. But do not worry. Fbdownloader never connects with your Fb account and it just uses the URL of the post. Users do not have to register there. We know how terrible it is when we have to sign in always when we want to use a tool. And also, the tool is not a threat for the person who uploaded the video either. It only uses CDN servers of the tool when users submit a URL. Furthermore, Fbdownloader never wants to save any other third-party file to its users. It is always safe and sound.

Facts to remember

  • Facebook Downloader for iPhone is a completely free tool
  • It can open using Safari, Google Chrome, Google, Opera, Firefox, or whatever web browser on any smart device or Windows or Mac OS X
  • The developer of the FB downloader yet to confirm its installable version
  • It performs through CDN servers of the Facebook platform to download relevant videos
  • Users can download any size of the video in SD quality or else request the tool to convert and download the video in other formats
  • The video preview will open after confirming the first download option. But, the tool cannot download the file until you use the second download button as well. Before the second download button, you can go through the “Other Formats” option to select other formats. And then use the button and confirm


Share Fbdownloader web page with your friends and let them also know how to download Facebook videos on iPhone. Do not worry about downloading videos on Facebook on your iPhone. We can use Fbdownloader for iPhone and even for Android, Windows, and Mac too. since this is a web-based tool, anyone who wants to use it only has to open their web browser and search it. By the way, download Facebook videos for iPhones using Fbdownloader is not complex. It can easily comprehend even if someone visits the page without knowing the basics of the tool. Furthermore, it is a safe place where you will not get unnecessary files and even never collects user data to be a threat in the future. if you want to download files to your Mac instead of your iPhone, this Facebook Downloader for iPhone can still help you. So do not worry about your device, its operating system or the web browser that you are going to use. 

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