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How to Develop Self Care & Healthy Habits for A Happier Fertility Journey

To reach a destination in study, career, family life, and business, we need to follow the right choices. Having healthy lifestyle habits helps you succeed in any sector. And when it comes to having a happier fertility journey, developing Self Care and healthy habits is crucial for you. 

As per Dr Aarthi Mani, a senior consultant at an IVF hospital in Gurgaon, healthy habits and self care boost the success of fertility treatments and facilitate couples to become parents of a healthy child. Here are some steps to support you in taking care of yourself and developing healthy habits:  

Build a robust support team 

Struggling with your fertility problems can make you feel alone or isolated. However, it does not mean you should go through it alone. You can build a support team for your fertility journey. As per need, you can ask your family members, close friends, or relatives for the requisite support. In case you are away from your native town/city, you can find facilities for the required help.   

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Practise mindfulness 

Your fertility problems can create uncertainty that usually comes with a lot of worries about the future. Practising mindfulness will help you know where you need to focus and stay calm in the worst ever situations. For this, you can:

  • Practise deep breathing 
  • Meditate 
  • Keep a gratitude diary with you 
  • Practise positive affirmations 

These steps will facilitate you to stay in the moment, control your feelings, boost your mood, help you relax, regulate blood pressure & heart rate and improve digestion. 

Do what you love 

Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty from fertility treatment and conception effort can be consuming all in your life. Instead of being stressed or tensed, you should engage yourself in the activities that make you happy and bring joy to you. It will keep you motivated and make you stay away from negativity. 

Stay hydrated   

For better health and vitality, you should stay well hydrated. It facilitates you to enhance the level of Alkaline in your body. Apart from drinking normal water and home-made juices, you can drink coconut water in pregnancy to stay hydrated. However, you need to avoid caffeinated drinks. 

Exercise daily

Exercising is highly beneficial to overall health. It lowers body and muscle tension, helps manage body weight, regulates blood circulation throughout the body, relieves stress and makes your body flexible. It can boost the success of your fertility treatments. You can go for 

  • Walking 
  • Cycling 
  • Jogging/running 
  • Swimming 
  • Light to moderate yoga poses

Sleep soundly at night 

Having a sound sleep at night makes you feel relaxed and energised for the next day after leaving your bed. You should sleep for 6-8 hours. For a sound sleep, you should:

  • Take your dinner 2-3 hours before your bedtime 
  • Have a sleeping routine 
  • Make your bed 
  • Switch off the light and gadgets 
  • Adjust room temperature and try to keep it around 25 degree celsius 

Stay positive 

Being positive works wonderly. It helps you find the solution to a problem instead of regretting about a situation. It will help you to be happier, feel comfortable & relaxed, and stay calm. 

Eat healthy 

A healthy and balanced diet is the basic need to stay away from illness. And when it comes to a happier fertility journey, it becomes more crucial for you. Ensure your diet has all the nutritional elements, from carbohydrates to vitamins and minerals. Your diet should include:

  • Whole grains and cereals 
  • Seasonal fresh vegetables 
  • Fruits 
  • Pasteurised dairy products  
  • Dryfruit   

Educate yourself 

Self education is essential while struggling with infertility or going through fertility treatments. You should have a clear idea about your reproductive health and all aspects of the fertility treatments you are having or going to have. It will facilitate you to determine what you should do at what time. 

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Fertility journey is unique to each couple. It differs as their fertility issues are different. However, following the above-mentioned steps will be beneficial for you and will make you enjoy parenthood after the successful completion of a specific fertility treatment.

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