How to Delete Password from Word VBA Document? Complete Method

Do you also want the delete password from word VBA document? Do you have any trouble unlocking Word 2010 documents that have VBA password protection? This article will assist you in decrypting the VBA password stored in a .doc file. Users may learn about every method to delete password from word VBA document from the blog. After much investigation, it is presented here and includes all manual steps for the same.

To prevent unauthorised users from opening their Word VBA project file, developers, programmers, etc. maintain a password on the file. In essence, they encrypt data for security reasons. But have you ever considered the possibility of losing or forgetting the file password? How are you going to open a file right now without messing it up? Don’t worry! Here in this blog, we’ll talk about manually opening password-protected VBA Word files using one of the finest automated options available: the 4n6 VBA Password Remover Tool.

User Query;

A user who wishes to delete an encrypted VBA DOC file posed the following question:

“As a new employee at my company, I was given the first assignment to delete password from word VBA document. I am aware of how to apply a password, but I am unsure how to do the opposite. I offered myself several opportunities to find a solution, but sadly, none of them was successful. I’m here hoping against hope to receive a response to my query. Please have someone assist me in completing this task!”

Many customers, like the one mentioned above, asked how to get around Word’s VBA project password. The technical team started to work on the issue as a result, and they ultimately developed the following remedies.

Manual Way to Disable Word VBA Project Password

Following these steps, you will be able to remove the password protection from the Visual Basic application file of Microsoft Word. The user is cautioned to back up their information before continuing using free methods.

This is because failure to do so runs the risk of causing you to lose data in a way that cannot be recovered. Let’s get right into methods to delete password from word VBA document by a VBA macro!

  1. To access Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, start a new Microsoft Word document and use the Alt + F11 keys.
  2. To reference this code, choose Insert, then Module, as seen in the accompanying screenshot, and type it in. After finishing the code, use the F5 key to proceed with the process of deactivating the password protection on the Word VBA project.
  3. Select the password-protected Word document from your computer’s file system and click Open.
  4. Just wait for a moment, and a prompt menu will pop up. A notice saying that the VBA file password has been obtained appears in the box. Select OK to dismiss the current window.
  5. To secure a file, click the File menu, then choose Protect Document, and last, the Encrypt With Password option.
  6. Word’s VBA project password may be removed by erasing its contents in the Password text field and then clicking OK.

Delete Password from Word VBA Document by Automatic Solution

The procedures stated above can appear simple, however, some people may find them to be a little time-consuming. Additionally, some customers request a simple and fast way to decrypt the VBA password from a Word 2010 document! Users may use third-party software like 4n6 VBA Password Remover in certain situations to delete password from word VBA document.

Note: If you want to know more about this professional solution and how to use this software then click on this link Remove Password from Word VBA Project

Learn How to Easily Use this Automatic Software

  1. Download the VBA password remover software and then install it.
  2. Thereafter, click on the Open tab and then select the Word file option and upload it.
  3. After that, click on the Action button, then select the remove password option
  4. Choose the desired location and then finally hit the Save button
    delete password from word VBA document


Here are several free and manual ways to delete password from word VBA document. There is an option to this difficulty since it may be rather difficult for someone to try these ways. If manual methods are problematic for you, you may use the VBA Word password remover. In about 3–4 mouse clicks, this tool eliminates the password from a VBA file that has been encrypted. The programme offers a stand-alone solution to get around Word’s VBA project password.

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