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How to crush your Shopify email marketing campaigns

An email is a marketing tool that’s been used for decades. Still, in 2022, email is known to be a potent marketing tool for improving loyalty,  brand awareness, generating income, etc. Here in the article let’s see how to level up the Shopify emails marketing to stand ahead in the e-commerce market.

What is email marketing for Shopify?

Marketing through emails lets brands has a significant connection with the targeted consumers. Unlike social media which throws content daily, email markets to the audience who interacted with your store before. It targets them with a unique approach that could be more pleasing.

Whether it can be making them come back to your store or making them buy your products for the first time. Email marketing surely plays an important part in reaching people who love to hear from you. Use Shopify email marketing for reminding them about the products or even new collections and many more.

For instance, if you have a sale and you emailed the people who are excited about your store but not thinking about buying anything. A simple effective email you sent can raise revenue. A Shopify agency offers incredible email marketing tactics. That only engages with users but also turns them into loyal consumers by solving their issues with your products.

1. Emails Design & Layout

Does design matter, yes? Many Ecommerce owners opted to create designed emails than regular plain text.

With emails included with CTS buttons, vibrant text,

and images, turned out to be normal. So usually consumers expect them to get from their first email. Here are the things you need to look at while designing the email:

  • Make sure to check the color choices before you send them the email
  • Rather than going full monochrome include an image or two. Adding a splash of color isn’t a bad thing at all.
  • Colors evoke attention, and emotions to crucial matters or aspects of the emails. Consult a Shopify agency to know what colors can you use wisely.
  • Use 2-4 colors that you like to highlight in the email
  • Add the CTA button and vital text in the contrasting color against your email background
  • Use colors that complement the pictures in the email
  • If you don’t know what colors to include add your brand colors

2. Mobile optimized emails

It’s no brainer, isn’t it? Over 50% of the email subscribers get the marketing emails on mobile. If your emails aren’t optimized for the mobile, then you lose 50% of the CTR and conversion. Ensure to get everything mobile-optimized from the content length, design, or image size.

Just begin with their responsive template, decrease the copy of the email, and make sure CTS are upfront. By the way, go with a few pictures. After implementing these preview the emails for mobile before sending them out.

3. Align Copy With the Tone of brand

As an ecommerce owner, you should be running different brand and email campaigns. The lack of alignment within branding and marketing activities could be clear to consumers. Before finalizing your email campaign create an email with the same tone as your brand. So, consumers can resonate with it easily with many promotional events. Do you know that consumer receives promotional email daily? So, yours shouldn’t be launched in the crowd. Bring out your unique tone so your consumer can relate to it instantly.

4. Pleasing Offers

If you are getting steady subscribers to your email campaigns then you should bring them close to the purchase. The most effective and simple way to do it is to offer eye-catching offers with the list. They are several offers that you can create by using email marketing automation software. Few offers like new subscriber coupons, free shipping for returning, and promo codes for the card abandoned. Or special campaigns for seasonal times such as cyber Monday,  black Friday,  New Year, and other engaging discounts.  Refer a friend discount and exclusive discounts, time-sensitive specials can make consumers act now than later. Bring out all creativity and let experts at Shopify plus Agency help you. With attractive and most pleasing email marketing campaign ever.

5. Personalize emails

In 2022 personalization is a special ingredient for success with many marketing methods that include email. The more you personalize the content the more your audience feels special.  That improves conversion rates and gets bored with consumer segmentation. But be creative with what you are doing with that information.  If you are setting a customized campaign for the subscribers, you can suggest related items depending on their previous purchases. If anyone buying denim or tees or hats you should promote a discount upon cooling glasses.

6.  Segment the Email List

Your main list can’t be a big list with everyone’s email addresses. So, design hyper segments in the mail list to make sure marketing communication is well relevant and targeted to the audience. The first email message for new customers can defer you highly from other branches and another loyal customers. The email you utilize for a consumer for one certain demographic is might not relevant for a consumer from another demographic. Make sure to deliver customers’ emails by segmenting this list.  Delete the purchase list and choose inbound methods to grow the email list. Segment depends upon parameters that are related to your brand and more things. As your products use, consumers’ location, and salary these increase CTR, and high open rates.

7. Marketing Software For Your Shopify Store

Here are the features that should be present in your  email marketing app:

  • The app news to features an Inbox Deliverability
  • Or else it can turn into a spam one.
  • Software should include an A/B testing feature
  • Get your hands on responsive email templates with the drag-and-drop editor
  • Make sure it has Strong Segmentation and list Features to target emails and boost the conversion rate.
  • Your chosen Shopify email marketing app needs to offer key metrics to develop email campaigns such as CTR, open rates, and more.


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