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How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

Choose the Perfect Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not compulsory for you to wear every time you go outside. But it is good for you to wear it when visiting outdoor. They are usually a summertime accessory, but you can also have them in winter in order to style your look and protect your eyes. Exposing eyes to the sun for a long time can cause eye diseases. That’s why it is essential for you to take care of your eyes when you go out. It is wholesome to have a day of joy outside in the sunshine but do not forget to cover your eyes with a stunning pair of sunglasses. You can buy dapper pairs of sunglasses from Coach’s online store and enjoy your outdoor activities with style and protection. Also, do not forget to utilize the Coach promo code to get a reduction in the prices of those pairs of sunglasses(Perfect Sunglasses).

Things to keep in mind for choosing sunglasses in order to protect your eyes

Before buying a pair of sunglasses, one has to make sure that it provides 100 percent protection from all Ultra Violet light and radiation. You can check for it by looking at a tag or sticker attached to it, or you can confirm it by asking the sunglasses provider’s officials or customer service representatives. If they tell you that it absorbs UV up to 400nm, then it is perfect as it is total absorption of UV. Let’s have a look at other factors that you keep in mind before getting a pair of sunglasses. But do these factors really matter when choosing sunglasses for eye protection? Let’s take a look:


Most people check the prices of sunglasses before buying them. This is because people tend to purchase expensive pairs of sunglasses in order to look fashionable. But it is better to be safe rather than look stylish. It is not necessary that a costly pair of shades protect your eyes more than a less expensive pair of sunglasses. So, it is better to have sunglasses that protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation than a costly designer pair of sunglasses with no chance of protection.

Size and lens

If you want to protect your eyes against eye diseases, then you should buy sunglasses with bigger lenses. Pairs of sunglasses with larger lenses not only protect from sun damage but also saves your eyes from dust. Fit-overs or oversized sunglasses are the best choices for you to protect your eyes from UV rays.


Typical sunglasses will not protect your eyes from UV rays. You need to buy sunglasses of standard quality. Also, sunglasses of low quality are broken easily. However, not all sunglasses are unbreakable, but shades with plastic lenses are less likely to be broken. Now, most sunglasses are made of plastic because they are more long-lasting than glass ones.


You can have sunglasses with the best color and style, but it is not sure that it blocks the sun or UV rays. So when going for a pair of sunglasses, do not think that the shades with darker lenses are safer for your eyes, but the sunglasses with 100% UV protection.

After looking at all the factors of buying a pair of sunglasses, are you still not sure if your sunglasses protect your eyes or not? Then you can take your sunglasses to an optical shop and have your sunglasses tested. They have a UV light meter that can check the level of protection.

Why choose the perfect sunglasses to protect your eyes?

You have to choose the best pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust and UV rays. Because Dust and Ultra-violet (UV) light can cause eye damage and create problems for your vision. If you do not protect your eyes, then you can face eye issues like:

Eye Irritation

You can have eye irritation if you do not protect your eyes from dust and pollution.


Pingueculas can cause in people who live near the equator in sandy, dusty, and dry environments.

Macular degeneration

Exposure to UV rays can lead people to Macular degeneration. Mostly older people get affected by it. It usually damages your central vision.


White growths on the eye, known as Pterygiums, are likely to affect people living in sunny regions. The most common cause of pterygia is exposure to excessive amounts of Ultra-violet (UV) rays.


Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can also cause Photokeratitis. It is a painful and temporary eye condition that affects the corneas of your eyes.


A cataract is another disease that is caused by UV radiation. It is the clouding of the lens that develops slowly and can lead one to become entirely blind.


You have to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses not only to protect your eyes but to look stylish also. So, find ideal shades for yourself and enjoy your outdoor activities without any fear.

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