How to choose the Best Web Development Company

It is not extremely hard to find the right web development companies in London for you. But you also need to detect the companies whose services are bad. There are so many ways you just have reason to follow.

Understanding your goals is necessary before talking to a web development company. Which one will be the best web development company in London is a major question. But on this page, we are informing you of all the points to find a suitable web development company for you. 

Points to consider

  • What kind of website do you want to build? 
  • Who are your competitors? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What problems should your website solve? 
  • What functionality would you like to include? 
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to scale your website? 

What Do Web Development Companies Offer?

  1. Template-based websites

A template-based website will help you broaden your brand or product. But first, you must rank it in the search engines. There are so many businesses that are using this kind of website. Because their development is so fast and affordable.  

Most popular themes for a pre-based website 

  • ThemeForest
  • Template Monster
  • Elegant Themes
  1. Custom solutions

A custom-built website means creating a website with advanced functionality. Some website companies provide custom-built websites according to your requirements.  

Advantages of a Custom-built website 

  • A superb solution for developing brands 
  • Gives a unique experience to the visitors 
  • Save time and budget because it is easy to upgrade 
  1. E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites can be custom-built, or template based. This type of website allows owners to sell or advertise their services online.  

Basic features 

  • Shopping cart 
  • Product catalog 
  • Payment gateways 

This type of website carries multiplex combinations such as CRM, social networks, online marketplace blending, and so on. 

  1. Full-service companies

Full services companies provide many services. They can build not only a website but also mobile applications, mobile applications, design, and custom features with further continuation. 

Variety of services 

  • QA departments  
  • Development 
  • Management 
  • Design 

How to Choose a Web Development Company? 

  1. Research on the company’s work portfolio

The first step you should follow is to check the company’s portfolio. Find out or ask them how many sites they have launched that is similar to yours. Research on these sites and find out if they are working perfectly.  

Things you must find out 

  • Their live projects  
  • Design skills 
  • Evaluate development 
  1. Read client reviews

Checking reviews is another best way to find out significant information about the web development company. Before going for any company, it is important for you to discover the sufficiency of the web development company.  

Best way to check  

  • Clutch 
  • Glassdoor 
  • Owler 

These platforms globally collect reviews about web development companies. They review the rate on various companies. 

  1. Ask for client references

Checking client references is particularly important. If you find the previous client is satisfied with the services of the web development company, then you can go for it without any tension.

  1. Evaluate the quality of the company’s website

You can also check the digital presence of the web development company. Take research on their publishing content, website design, and features.  

Steps to take 

  • Observing the company’s social media profile 
  • Observing the contents of the company 
  • Observing the website
  1. See how fast the company responds to your email

When you are selecting any web development company just observe if they are responsive enough. They might not have a dedicated sales crew if you chose to work with a small team. So, contact them to see the way of their answer to you. Observe if they are polite and respond fast. Discover if they are interested in your business.

Signs of a Great Web Development Company 

  • Skilful Experience 
  • Variety of Services 
  • Positive Testimonials 
  • Establish procedures 
  • Streamline Communications
  • Result-Driven Approach 
  • Cultural fit 
  • Right Requirements Elicitation 
  • Visually Touched Website

Asked Questions 

  1. What should I pay attention to before choosing a web development company? 

Here is a checklist:

– Masterly Skill 

– Reviews and references 

– Portfolio cases 

– Pricing packages 

– variety in services 

– domain expertise 

– Qualification of the developer 

  1. What are the top popular web development directions? 

Top popular directions are: 

– Artificial Intelligence 

– Motion UI design 

– JavaScript 

– Progressive web applications 

– Single-page applications. 


  1. Where should I look for a company’s portfolio? 

Website development companies provide their portfolio on their website’s case studies section. You can also find their Clutch page where you can check reviews about the development company.  


  1. What are the stages of your website development process?

Typical stages of web development are: 

– Analysis and research 

– Prototyping 

– Coding 

– Testing  

Local vs. Outsourcing 

There is a difference between local agencies and outsourcing agencies. We have made an informative contrast of this opinion below: 

Factors of a local web development team:  

  • Cultural similarities 
  • Simpler to solve legal issues 
  • Don’t have to face problems in communication 

The disadvantage of the local web development team: 

– Price matter

– Time issue

Factors of outsourcing web development team: 

  • Streamline management 
  • Expertise 
  • Talent pool 

Disadvantages of outsourcing web development team: 

– Cultural barriers 

– Synchronization 


A trustworthy technology partner is essential when beginning an internet business or creating a website. You cannot release your project if you break down to choose the right and best web development company for you. 

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Anika Digital specialise in Web Design and Development, SEO service and Web Analytics creating a Web-savvy team that understands how the Web can effectively reach and connect with customers. Anika Digital's vision is to continuously exceed our clients' expectations, consistently provide outstanding service and deliver results above industry standards. Anika Digital was born from a simple vision – To give our clients the technical expertise that they lack. We will help you use the latest Web Development and SEO trends to grow your business with their proactive support.

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