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How Much Does It Cost To Make an App Like Urban Company (UrbanClap)?

Cost To Make an App Like Urban Company

Mobile apps and technological advancements have changed the way people shop. Nowadays, everything is available through on-demand apps. The Urban Company, earlier known as UrbanClap, was founded in 2014. It is one such app that enables consumers to connect with experienced professionals for at-home service(mobile app development cost).

Urban Company provides a wide range of services, including home design and construction, home shifting, wellness, cleaning and repair, tutor lessons, party and event services, etc. Moreover, Urban Company has raised $185 million in funding until now, and it has more than three million users. Seeing the massive potential, many startups are looking to make an app like Urban Company for a high-income business model.

This blog will discuss the cost-driving factors of making an app like Urban Company. So, let’s get started. 

Cost-Deciding Factors To Making An App Like Urban Company

Essential factors in defining the cost for on-demand service app development like Urban Company:

App Platform

App platform distinguishes the cost of development. Android app has a massive market, whereas iOS has its loyal revenue-generating market. You can select one or both for app development.


There are numerous themes available in the market. You must select a theme that echoes the nature of your business. Selecting the suitable UI creates compatibility for the device.

Complexity of App

There are multiple scales of complexity associated with apps like UrbanClap. Integrating advanced features in the app architecture, like technology stack and design components, can increase the cost. You can seek assistance from mobile app developers to understand the precise cost of making an app like Urban Company.

Experience of Mobile App Development Company

Building on-demand services app like Urban Company is challenging. Your app must be perfect, and for the same, you must team up with a dedicated app development company. Inspecting the developer’s experience is paramount. To build your on-demand app, mobile app developers with abundant experience will cost more. 

Strength of Developer’s Team

An app like UrbanClap needs more resources; therefore, you may have to invest more in budgets. You should hire a mobile app development service provider that meets the resource requirements regarding prototypes and quantity. If your app development project is small-scale, you may require a small team of 4-5 experts, including an app developer, a back-end developer, a quality analyst, and a project manager. Business leaders may have to spend more for a large-scale project if they want to integrate advanced features.

  • Small-Scale Company: $10 – $40 / Hour
  • Intermediate-Level Company: $40 – $100 / Hour
  • Enterprise-level Company: $100 – $250 /Hour


Personalization is critical in today’s technological world to cater to particular users’ requirements, satisfy customer needs, and achieve high ROI. Using interactive design techniques, you can integrate special features that improve the user experience.

Final Wordings

Many people are engrossed in mobile apps for every task in the modern era. The apps like Urban Company permit users to reach professional service providers easily. The mobile app development cost of an app like Urban Company or UrbanClap may be around $25,000 to $30,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic features. If you need an app like UrbanClap with all the advanced features that can run on numerous platforms, the development cost may rise to $60,000.

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