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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an eCommerce WordPress Website?

eCommerce WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the popular choices among all CMSs (Content Management Systems). It can be used to build all types of websites, such as businesses, eCommerce, blogs, etc.

According to W3Techs, 64.2% of sites using CMS use WordPress. The reason behind WordPress’s popularity is its numerous benefits. These benefits include security, excellent community support, scalability, etc.

WordPress is also popular, as it offers various built-in themes and plugins to help you easily build your website. WordPress also includes plugins to build eCommerce websites, such as WooCommerce.

If you’re thinking about how much it can cost you to develop a WordPress eCommerce website, you’re at the right place! 

Although, there’s no pre-decided cost as it is totally based on various factors and your specific project needs. Let’s look at the aspects affecting the cost of developing your website with WordPress.

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Factors Determining The Cost Of Developing An eCommerce WordPress Website

Website Features

The right features are essential to help your users quickly access your eCommerce store. To do so, you’ll require advanced functionalities, such as a speedy checkout process, shopping carts, product detail screens, personalization, customer identity protection, etc., along with the standard capabilities.

The cost of WordPress eCommerce website development rises in tandem with the site’s complexity and the number of pages. Therefore, you can decide on the features required and hire a WordPress development company based on your WordPress website needs.

API Integrations

To meet your eCommerce website requirements, you may require certain APIs integration to enhance store functionalities. These API integrations may include social media for easy login, CRM for customer interaction, multiple payment options for smooth transactions, and more features to build a user-centric website.

Therefore, based on the integration complexity, you can invest in the WordPress development services to build a user-centric eCommerce store.

Local or Outsourcing Development Team

Another factor that may impact the cost of developing a WordPress eCommerce store is whether you are outsourcing or using a local development team. Both will have their benefits and drawbacks. 

The hourly rates of local development teams or outsourcing a company will vary. This will impact the cost of the eCommerce store. Therefore, consider the pros and cons and hire WordPress developers based on your WordPress eCommerce store needs and budget. 

Cost of Developing an eCommerce WordPress Website

As already mentioned, the cost of developing a WordPress eCommerce website depends upon the needed functionalities and the store’s complexity.

However, the cost of developing a WordPress eCommerce website can generally range between $800 – $1500 per month. 

Other factors that affect WordPress WooCommerce store costs are your plugin needs, ongoing maintenance, and so on.

eCommerce Website Development Cost: Complete Breakdown


Based on the discussion, you can understand that the cost of developing an eCommerce WordPress website depends on your store’s needs and budget. Since WordPress is a scalable platform, you can choose to start small and scale your website as your business grows.

Additionally, you may partner with a WordPress development company locally or outsource a development team based on your budget.

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