How Much Does It Cost to Create an eCommerce App for a Small Business?

With time, the usage of smartphones has increased due to their accessibility and convenience. Presently, most people are active on mobile apps and use them for almost everything. As a result, eCommerce applications widely became popular and the preferred choice of many people for online shopping.

According to Statista, 72.9% of all retail eCommerce was generated through mobile apps in 2021. In a nutshell, developing an eCommerce app for your business can help you increase brand visibility, leading to more user generation. The key advantage of developing an eCommerce app is 24*7 accessibility, resulting in better customer engagement.

The foremost concern of every business owner while hiring an eCommerce app development company is how much it costs to build the app.

The blog has explained the top 5 factors that affect the cost of building an eCommerce application for your business.

What Is the Cost of Building an eCommerce App?

The eCommerce application development cost is not fixed and varies from different factors, like app platform, features, UI/UX design, etc.

Let’s look at the eCommerce app’s different cost-affecting factors.

  • eCommerce App Development Platform

The first factor affecting an eCommerce app’s overall development cost is the platform you pick based on your business requirements and budget.

The cost of developing an eCommerce application on an Android or iOS platform will be the same, estimated to be more than $50,000. Besides that, the average cost of a cross-platform app costs over $75,000.

  • Integration of eCommerce App Features

The integration of functionalities is another cost-influencing component in developing an eCommerce app. It will be less expensive for you to add basic app features like notifications or an easy onboarding process.

However, adding complex features like wishlist buttons, different payment channels, or third-party integrations may raise the price. But you should consider incorporating more advanced features to improve user experience.

  • Interactive UI/UX Design

It is crucial to create an interactive eCommerce app with a visually appealing app design because this is what will ultimately determine the app’s success.

In other words, the user is drawn to the eCommerce app’s design and its vital features. In light of this, $30,000 is the anticipated cost of developing an eCommerce application.

  • eCommerce App Testing

You must carry out adequate app testing if you want your eCommerce app to stay on the user’s phone for longer. So, to construct a mobile app with strong security, hire a mobile app developer.

The testing of eCommerce apps makes sure there are fewer chances of bugs or problems. An eCommerce app’s testing is expected to cost more than $20,000.

  • Post-App Launch Maintenance & Support Services

You must provide post-app launch maintenance and support services to convert your potential users into devoted clients. A successful user experience is delivered through timely eCommerce app maintenance, resulting in business growth.

In other words, regular upgrades to eCommerce apps boost the likelihood that users will remain loyal. An eCommerce’s post-app launch maintenance & support often costs more than $20,000.


In a nutshell, there are several factors that affect the cost of designing an eCommerce application, including the app’s functionality, the platform you choose, app testing, and more.

You must invest in your eCommerce software because it will eventually generate significant money for you.

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