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How much does a pathologist earn?

The pathologist is a very unusual profession, which is comparable to a vocation, and this is a fact. Such specialists are mainly chosen by life, not by education or skills. He works with corpses and determines the cause of death. Of course, it is far from the most cheerful process that one can meet. Therefore, it is so interesting how much the pathologist earns. Is his income commensurate with the spent forces? Need to figure it out!

What affects the income of a pathologist?

There are several factors at once that can affect how much a pathologist in Pakistan receives. They must be taken into account to find out his final income. The factors look like this:

Experience and seniority. 

Speaking about how much pathologists earn per month, you need to take into account his experience and seniority in general. The higher it is, the more such a specialist can earn and vice versa. The income of a novice pathologist cannot be compared with a professional. 


In this area of ​​activity, there is a qualification that works in much the same way as in the case of electricians and a turner. The higher it is, the more money will be paid to a specialist and vice versa.

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Academic degrees. 

For this, they can also pay extra to such a specialist. If he has academic degrees, then he automatically becomes a more valuable employee, which directly affects his salary.


The more such a specialist works, the more money he can earn and vice versa. There are quite a few schedules in the profession, but 8 and 12 hours are the most common of all. The more such a specialist works, the higher his income and vice versa.


Regional identity is especially important here. In Islamabad and Lahore, they pay much more money than in the regions, respectively.

Professional pathologists with many years of experience can afford a good life in abundance and this is a fact. Such a profession, in general, is one of the most interesting, if we talk about the direction in medicine. Compete in priorities can only be with a dentist and a surgeon. Moreover, pathologists are in-demand specialists who are needed in Pakistan. They regularly raise wages and create conditions for comfortable learning. In the future, fortunately, they will not disappear anywhere, and this is a fact.

Pathologist Salary

The average income of such a specialist is 43,600 rupees in Pakistan. Most money paid:

  • Islamabad – 78,000 rupees.
  • Lahore – 76,000 rupees.
  • Karachi – 70,000 rupees.
  • Multan – 69,000 rupees.
  • Faisalabad – 68333 rupees.
  • Peshawar – 65,000 rupees.
  • Murree – 65,000 rupees

The closer such a doctor is to Islamabad and Lahore, the higher his income. The regional rate is especially important! In the capital, they are ready to offer an income of 80-90 thousand rupees. It all depends on qualifications and experience. The higher these indicators, the higher the salary and vice versa. Moreover, experienced specialists can even receive 100-150 thousand rupees, but this is the ceiling.

A novice pathologist can only receive 20-40 thousand rupees. and this is the maximum. With the passage of time and advanced training, of course, the numbers will become more attractive and help the medical representative earn even more money.

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