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How Much Does a Diet & Nutrition App Development Costs?

A healthy body and mind are the keys to a healthy and active life. Moreover, only a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet can help you have a disease-free body. Today, diet & nutrition apps are gaining huge popularity among health-conscious people.

These apps are super helpful in administering proper food and water consumption. Ultimately, users are able to achieve their fitness goals with the help of diet & nutrition apps. In this blog, we are going to discuss the  diet & nutrition app development cost.

Health and Fitness Apps 

It is an astonishing fact that the number of health & fitness apps reached a stunning 45,791 in the second quarter of 2020. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much investment to develop a health & fitness app since there are tons of readily available APIs and extensions. The best mobile app development company knows how to build a noteworthy mobile app with excellent features. 

Before we talk about mobile app development cost, it’s important to learn about the target audience of such health & fitness apps. 

Who are the Target Audience of Diet & Nutrition Apps?

Even before brainstorming about the application idea, you must define the target audience. In fact, you have to learn about the demands and preferences of your ideal users. The target audience of such apps could be normal users, gyms, fitness centers, etc. Let’s understand the range of target audiences for these apps. 

Normal Users 

These are basically common people who want to track their daily nutrition goals and diet plans. Thus, they expect features like a meal planner, calorie tracking, weight tracking, step counter, workout carts, etc. Therefore, you don’t need extensive efforts to implement extra features for these users. However, the design and user experience should be given top priority while developing such health & fitness apps. 

Fitness, Yoga Centers, and Gyms 

These fitness places are also embracing the wonders of digital transformation with health and nutrition apps. Above all, they use these applications to help their clients to achieve their daily calorie goals, plan custom meals, and track their workout progress. Moreover, they can also help users to maintain their diets and nutrition charts in one single place. 


Although there are tons of diet and nutrition planning apps on the market. However, the users still rely on nutritionists to create their custom diet plans to achieve their fitness goals. Thus, nutritionists also depend on these apps to create custom diet plans and nutrition charts for the users. 

Factors That Determine the Diet & Nutrition App Development Cost

The diet & nutrition app development cost can be heavily influenced by the following factors; 

  • The complexity of the Application 

Your diet and nutrition planning app could be either simple with straightforward features or very complex with additional features. Thus, the mobile app development cost depends on the complexity of your mobile app. You can categorize your application into simple, medium, and complex categories. With increasing complexity be prepared to pay more in the development process.

  • The Choice of Platform 

Both iOS app development and Android app development might have different development costs. You can either develop a native app for the iOS or Android platforms. It is possible to take the cross-platform app development approach to minimize the mobile app development cost and reach more platforms at once. Whereas, native app development could be more expensive. 

  • Hours Dedicated to the Development Process 

In order to develop your diet & nutrition app, developers will need to dedicate working hours to the development process. For this reason, they will be charging on an hourly basis. Therefore, you will need to spend more if the dedicated hours are high. 

  • The Size of the Development Team 

It is quite obvious that you have to spend more if you hire a large team for the development process. Thus, it is very important to understand your requirements before making a hiring decision. To make things easier for you, these are some of the professionals that you should include in your app development; 

Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for visualizing and managing the development process from the beginning to the end. S/he also creates a communication bridge between the client and the core development team. Moreover, a project manager has to ensure timely delivery, quality development, and professional client interactions. 

Mobile App Developers 

Developers are responsible for the amalgamation of front-end, back-end, and APIs of the mobile application. Thus, they will be involved in the core development process and coding. 

UI/UX Designers 

These creative professionals are responsible for designing the user interface and experience of the mobile app. Thus, they have to ensure that the design looks stunning and the experience feels buttery smooth and interactive. 

Quality Assurance Professionals 

These individuals are responsible for testing the final quality of your diet & nutrition planning mobile app. For this purpose, they will be conducting multiple performance and security tests. They effectively remove the flaws from your software.

The Cost to Develop a Diet & Nutrition Planning App

The actual rate of developing a diet & nutrition planning plan depends on multiple internal and external factors. Moreover, the exact business requirements and app features can also drastically influence the development cost. Still, if you need a fair idea, then a usual diet and nutrition planning app costs somewhere between $30,000 to $60,000.

How Can You Make Money from the Diet & Nutrition Planning App?

So, you might have built your diet & nutrition planning app. Now, it’s time to discuss the monetization strategies that you can implement to start earning from your mobile app. These are some of the best monetization strategies; 

In-App Ads 

This is a great way of generating revenue while providing your health & fitness application for free. You can just display ads in your app and start earning from the ad companies. In fact, this monetization approach is chosen by a majority of businesses these days. 

Paid/Subscription Based Services 

Either you can make your app paid or charge a subscription fee to the users. Both of the strategies ensure guaranteed revenue generation for your business. Furthermore, you can provide some features for free, while some can be used by paying money. 

In-App Purchases

You can include in-app purchases to buy products and services to make money from your users. This could be a chief strategy of revenue generation by promoting relevant products and services to health-conscious people. 

Summing Up 

You might think that developing a Diet & Nutrition app with an in-house team could be a cost-effective approach. However, it is a more expensive approach than outsourcing your project to a reputed mobile app develo犀利士
pment company. MobileCoderz has a proficient team of developers, designers, project managers, and QA professionals with expertise in health & fitness app development. The years of experience and expertise have enabled them to have a huge portfolio with multiple clients from the healthcare and fitness industry.

About the Author

Erma Winter is a professional mobile app developer at MobileCodeerz, a leading android app development company. Over the years, she and her team have developed dozens of health & fitness apps. Lastly, apart from her professional life, she takes a keen interest in surfboarding and playing with her pets.

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