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How Mobile Apps Are Making A Difference In Fitness Industry?

Impact of Mobile Apps in Fitness Industry

There is complete involvement of technology in our life, from entertainment to health monitoring devices. The market segment of healthcare devices is proliferating. Among the users, there is an enormous craze of wearables that monitors our footsteps to the heartbeat. These devices are not only making our life easy but also helping in maintaining good health. Due to it, many healthcare brands are leveraging fitness app development services.

There is a reason behind the popularity or involvement of mobile fitness apps in our life. Here, we also need to understand that-

“What are the challenges that a person face while planning for a good health?”

When a person starts thinking about health, then there are five key challenges which are:

  • Irregular fitness schedule
  • Fancy gym membership
  • Inaccurate information
  • Insufficient professional training
  • Myths due to lack of knowledge.

The Internet is full of information due to web blogs, articles, and others, but on the other side, there is no measure for the fact check. However, for a regular fitness schedule, discipline is required. Still, for the other four challenges, a novice user has to be depended on the Internet, which is not good at all. Things are different than they seem.

The best part of fitness mobile app development covers solutions to all challenges. This article is about how mobile apps make a difference in the fitness industry. As a reader, it will be beneficial to know its advantages to the end users. So, let’s read it first.

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How Fitness App Development Helps Users?

1. Fitness Schedule

To have a healthy lifestyle, a regular fitness schedule is required, but do you think that how many people follow a fitness schedule without any help? As per WHO, the level of inactivity is twice as high in a developed country, which indicates something needs to be addressed.

From the solution point of view, healthcare or fitness mobile apps are working tremendously to make people active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Multiple personal fitness training apps available in the market can help you make your fitness schedule regular by tracking your progress.

2. Fancy GYM Membership

After the Pandemic, there has been a boom in online and offline advertisements about fancy GYM memberships, but do you think it will work if you take any membership? Still, you need to ask for the instructions of the GYM coach or detailed training; you need to spend more money on personal training, including your GYM membership.

On the other side, if you use a mobile fitness app, you can directly connect to the individual trainer who will explain each detail of all exercises. You can have an individual live session with the desired trainer.

3. Inaccurate Information

Many websites, articles, infographics, or visuals are available on the internet, but only a few are authentic. Following any toxic information may lead you to a health & fitness disaster. So, the better idea is to follow authentic information.

Usually, mobile fitness apps are more authentic, and all the information created on these apps is under the guidance and supervision of fitness experts.

4. Insufficient Professional Training

Professional training is necessary for better fitness; still, there are some areas where professional training and trainers are unavailable. Here fitness app development is the big saviour that can connect the fitness enthusiast with their coach sitting in another corner of the world.

5. Fitness Myths

The lack of knowledge always creates Myths. That is not beneficial by all means, so instead of following a fitness myth, it is always better to confirm with the fitness professionals that you want to implement for your health. The fitness app allows you to do it seamlessly.

The facts always speak the truth- It is not a proverb but a universal truth that can be confirmed from the current market stats. Before we conclude on how mobile apps benefit the fitness industry? It is reasonable to go through all the stats from an authenticated source like Statista and another source of information such as BusinessofApps, GrandviewResearch etc.

Key Stats About Fitness App Development

The following stats represent the real image of the worldwide fitness industry that is progressing with the help of mobile apps.

fitness market

  • Fitness App Revenue will increase by 54% in 2021.
  • In 2021, the MyFitnessPal app was top with more than $40 million.
  • The home Workout app will have more than 25 million downloads in 2021.
  • The fitness app segment market size value is projected to reach 3 billion USD by 2022.
  • The revenue forecast for 2030 for the fitness industry is $4.8 billion.
  • Fitness app user penetration will hit 12.21% by 2027, which is forecasted to reach 8.67% in 2022.
  • In Jan 2022, leading fitness mobile app downloads were 19.91 million.

Till this section, we have gone through the advantages of fitness app development for users and its key stats. Based on the central theme of this blog, the fitness industry is enjoying the benefits of mobile app development. Let’s proceed to the upcoming section of this blog, which is about the advantages of mobile apps to the healthcare and fitness industry.

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Fitness Industry?

Mobile applications are the most popular way of logging fitness activity. In fact, over 50% of people who track their fitness activity do so with a mobile app.

The fitness industry is constantly evolving and changing. The introduction of mobile apps for fitness tracking has undoubtedly been one of the biggest changes in the industry. Mobile applications have given people access to their health data from any location, at any time, and in a way that is much more convenient than previous methods, such as pen and paper logs or online logs. It also offers a gamification element to the experience that can help motivate users towards achieving their goals.

So, let’s see how these apps are helping the fitness industry to create a difference!

1. On boarding New Customers

After COVID-19, lots of people are focusing on their fitness and health. Previously, when the whole world was on halt due to global lockdown, people searched on the Play Store or App store to find an app that could help them stay fit. Now it is in trend, people are taking care of themselves with the help of mobile apps, and the fitness industry is leveraging it in the true sense.

If you want to put your first step into the health and fitness industry, then it is the right time to do so. The only thing you need to do is- Hire fitness app developers, develop your app, and connect with the target audience. Moreover, if you’re already in this business with a mobile app, include some advanced features to attract new customers to your brand.

2. Best Customer Experience

Customer is everything to the business, so you need to take extra care about their experience with the app. It is applicable to the gym app as well, where a customer can have access to the gym via an app instead of carrying a long tail subscription card. It will improve their experience with the brand.

While developing the app, you need to take care of other aspects such as multiple payment options, subscription plan management, in-app chat, live sessions and others. Most of the fitness industry-related apps have all these features, which creates a difference. Traditional fitness practices have been changed, and mobile apps significantly contribute significantly.

3. Brand Promotion

Have you heard about an app like MyFitnessPal? Of course, yes, do you know that in 2021, this app generated $171 million, which is a 67% year-on-year increase? Although there is no doubt that mouth publicity is beyond any marketing tactics, there is an equal role in brand promotion.

Mobile apps are helping fitness industry-related businesses to brand promotion effectively and changing the whole landscape of the fitness industry market.

On the other side, due to the latest fitness trends, expert mobile app developers are involved in creating a unique experience via an app that can help fitness users and brand promotion by fitness-oriented businesses.

4. Better Customer Engagement

Fitness app development is the best way to engage customers with an associated brand. How? The best answer is via live-streaming sessions. Every fitness enthusiast wants they must have a fitness professional whom they can approach personally.

It is happening because of mobile apps. Most fitness mobile apps provide live sessions with the trainers, where an end user is leveraging it to do exercises with their trainer in real time.

So, not only the users but also the fitness industry is leveraging the new trends in mobile app development to target and engage customers positively.

5. Creation of A Healthy Fitness Community

Mobile apps are not only for growing the business, but it is also helping the fitness industry to create a healthy fitness community.

For simplification, you can understand it. Most multinational gyms have mobile apps, and they motivate their customers to join their online community to learn and share fitness-related knowledge from user to user. There is also the involvement of fitness experts to provide online guidance on the respective community.

6. Business Growth

Not only fitness apps but also healthcare app development is experiencing significant growth. In 2021, the healthcare & fitness industry’s worth was 160 billion USD, and the forecasted volume for 2028 is $434.74 billion.

The market is going rapidly upward, and the involvement of technologies like AI, Machine Learning, AR & VR app development is helping the fitness industry to provide something unique to the end users.

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The Final Thoughts

Looking back over the past few years, it’s amazing to see how much mobile apps have changed the fitness industry. From tracking workouts to managing diets, there are now apps to help with every aspect of fitness. And as the industry continues to grow, mobile apps will only become more important.

From the business & its growth point of view, you need a robust and secure app that can cater to the specific needs of fitness freaks. Here you require an experienced mobile app development company that can provide you right resources, including experts having extraordinary skill sets. There are ample opportunities yet to grab the fitness market; the only thing you need is a growth mindset.

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