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How Is Respite Care At Paid Old Age Homes Helping The Elderlies And Their Families?


Geriatric care often becomes a hassle to the members of the family who are not trained professionals. They end up hurting their older relatives physically and psychologically.

Instead, there are trained professionals you would find on the list of old age homes in Kerala maintained by the Travancore Foundation. These personnel are trained in the minutiae of respite care and can give the relatives of older residents a breather. They will be present with the elderly residents 24/7 and ensure their relatives heave a sigh of relief.

There are instances at paid old age homes under the Travancore Foundation where the elderly have refused to move to their residential premises because they loved the services and care they received!

Let’s take a look at how respite care for geriatric residents is transforming lives at the list of old age homes in Kerala under the Travancore Foundation.

Geriatric Care at the paid old age homes operating under the Travancore Foundation

Since older relatives and parents require a lot of assistance in their day-to-day lives, sometimes, their peers feel tired and lose out on their personal lives.

The retirement homes in Kerala under the Travancore Foundation are built for this purpose only. The campus areas contain highly trained professionals in geriatric care and medicine who make life beautiful for the older persons visiting these care centres.

Let’s take a look at some of the services that are provided under the geriatric care wing.

Scrumptious cuisine on order

At some of the paid old age homes operating under the Travancore Foundation, like Mission valley, the older residents have the liberty to order their own special menu. Since old age is associate chiefly with doctor-prescribed food that is tasteless and drab, the taste buds crave the delicacies that youth was full of!

Examined by doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists that these menus would not hurt any physical conditions that the older residents are suffering from, the chefs at Mission Valley curate an assortment of the heartiest meals for the older residents at these retirement homes in Kerala.

That is why the longevity of the stay often becomes a question of contention! The relatives of these older residents might want to take them back home after getting some relief. But the more senior residents at these luxury old age homes wish to extend their stay. They can host parties and festivals at these paid old age homes, and this helps them rejuvenate their past lives!

The constant presence of respite care professionals prevents any disturbance and ensures assistance at every moment.

Privacy is maintained

The staff and personnel at the Mission Valley and other luxury old age homes in Kerala are train to respect the boundaries of the senior residents during their stay. At home, the family’s people often do not maintain these boundaries. Their respect for their older relatives goes down proportionately with the increase of age.

Giving them privacy is one of the prior efforts provided at the Mission Valley retirement homes in Kerala operated by the Travancore Foundation. Senior residents have their own lives, thoughts, and actions, and they need privacy just like the rest of us. Since they have retire, it does not mean that their privacy can be breach anytime. And peers and relatives can invade their living spaces and use those as their own.

The senior care personnel at the paid old age homes under the Travancore Foundation are task with maintaining. The care and alleviating any forms of physical or psychological ailments of the senior residents. Without breaching their privacy and personal spaces.

Secretarial services at any moment

Within the list of old age homes in Kerala, probably the ones operating under the wings of the Travancore Foundation. Like the one at Mission Valley, provide private secretarial services to the senior residents. Although they might be living their lives post-retirement, many odd jobs and official purposes need to be fulfill. The junior relatives residing at home refuse to pay heed to such details or don’t consider these as necessary enough.

On the other hand, respite care at the retirement homes in Kerala under the Travancore Foundation has found special mention as they offer secretarial services to senior residents. Probably this is one of the most important reasons that the senior residents enjoy living at the paid luxury homes of the Travancore Foundation.

These secretarial professionals are assign to the older residents. And perform multiple duties like looking after their official accounts, including post-retirement pension accounts. Their financial portfolio, advising them on various legal and financial matters, etc. These professionals are well-educate in their fields and provide in-depth counsel on every issue just like a personal secretary would.

They also perform physical and clerical tasks that they must do on behalf of the senior residents. That is why the geriatric care period often gets extend up to a couple of years or more. Senior residents prefer living at Mission Valley, Travancore Foundation, with their secretaries following up with their tasks.

Final thoughts

Although touted as respite care or geriatric care. The personnel at the paid old age homes under the Travancore Foundation are qualified enough to provide every form of service to the senior residents. The people at home might have introduced the seniors to luxury retirement homes like Mission Valley. But most of them often decide to stay longer and get superior services than they enjoy at home!

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