How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Used in the Finance Industry?

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When selecting a CRM system, financial services companies have many unique needs that must be taken into account. On top of the specifics of the structure itself, businesses in the financial services sector have complex procedures as well as regulatory standards that make it hard to find an application that fits all of their needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners offer expert advice and help on buying, implementing, and getting the most out of Microsoft 365 applications that are made to help businesses grow faster.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, businesses in the financial services industry can learn more about their customers, give better reports, and stay in line with all laws, all while improving business processes. We’ve made a list of the best things about Microsoft Dynamics and how it works.

1) Client Perspective From Every Angle

In the financial industry, it’s important to have a central view of all of your customers, but this is hard to do when you have different internal systems that don’t work well together. With the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, this is no longer a problem. The CRM system can pull necessary details from all of your data warehouses to give all users a single, seamless view. This means that users don’t have to log into multiple systems, which makes your team more efficient and effective.

Such a central view among all customers not only makes the jobs of your sales team much simpler, but also makes it easier for everyone in the business to see how sales are going. As a result, a 360° client view can increase customer loyalty and happiness.

2) Mobility

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is software that runs in the cloud. This means that salespeople in financial companies, who spend a lot of time outside the office in head meetings, don’t have to stay at their desks.

Because of this, salesmen can spend less time doing paperwork. They won’t have to go back to the office to write down notes or actions from a meeting. Instead, they can do it right away on their tablet or phone. Even though the Microsoft Dynamics mobile app has all the main features your team needs while out and about, Microsoft has also added Power Apps to Dynamics 365. With Microsoft’s low-code app builder, financial companies can create pieces of features that are perfect for their business, like a “Know Your Customer” app that reminds salespeople to update information about customers.

3) Increased Sales

When sales teams use software that doesn’t work well together and is hard to use, it can be hard to find opportunities and keep customers. With Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Customer Insights solution, salesmen can sell to and keep more customers thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technology that finds opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, automates sales processes that were once done by hand, and prompts them to take action.

Microsoft Dynamics uses artificial intelligence to find sales base on deals that have been close successfully in the past. This means that salesmen no longer have to waste so much time on prospects who will never become clients. In a field where having good consumer data and insights is important, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easy and safe to get these things.

4) Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics was made to give you insights, and the way its data is set up makes it easy to report on KPIs. The data is protect to the highest standards, making it easy and thorough to report on sales. This includes reporting features that come with the CRM system out of the box, like a sales cycle and dashboard. But the system also lets users make more complicated, custom reports that are perfect for the financial sector. These reports can include things like customer retention, assets under management, customer sales and profits, risk metrics, year-on-year performance, net promoter score, and assets under management.

Through integration, Microsoft Dynamics uses stored information in the CRM and your other structures to give you rich analysis as well as predictive analysis of the data you need to make thorough and detailed sales reports. (Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners) This not only makes reporting more accurate but also gives financial services businesses a better idea of how things are going across the whole company, not just in the sales team.

5) Compliance With Rules And Security

For financial organizations, staying in line with the law is one of the most important things that software must help them do. Compliance is built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, which makes it a safe cloud hosting platform. This includes having control over where the data lives and making sure that compliance teams can access it so they can keep an eye on sales visibility, audit information, and keep track of compliance activity. Microsoft Dynamics also has a comprehensive safety model, where all information is access base on a user’s “need-to-know” and any new data is audit to make sure that everything is clear. (Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners) This is important for financial salespeople, who are often very protective of their data, and is a key feature of Dynamics 365.

Why Should Financial Services Go With Dynamics 365?

As the best CRM software on the market, Microsoft Dynamics can give customers and users in the financial sector great experiences and help salespeople build better, longer-lasting relationships with their clients. With the system’s powerful automated processes and workflow features, financial salespeople can keep track of every step of their customer’s journey.

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