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How do you renovate a kitchen?

A beautiful kitchen interior design solution doesn’t have to be expensive. Designers’ ideas will help those who are ready for a small redecoration in the kitchen: targeted, sometimes extravagant, solutions for the sake of an obvious wow effect. The kitchen renovation process is a hard but enjoyable process that will make you wait until you will finally have your dream kitchen. Kitchen renovation Dubai will help your dream come true.

Combine facades.

Facades make the main contribution to the price of kitchen furniture. The most budgetary material is chipboard covered with a film. Alas, such doors are doomed to be simple, even and rectangular. But that doesn’t mean boring. The film can be of different colors, matte and glossy, kitchen facades can reliably imitate the natural texture of wood.

What to do: Combine several types of finishes within one kitchen set.

Give furniture color.

Color is the key to originality. And in this regard, it may be better to choose not the usual orange or green for the kitchen, but, for example, a refreshing blue. Bright monochrome facades “work” as a color dominant, an accent spot in the interior.

Tip: Choose colorful tiles with an interesting floral or geometric decor for a bright kitchen – on an apron or in the form of a tiled carpet.

Accessories are an active element of decor.

The highlight of the kitchen can be expressive fittings, especially against the background of simple plain facades. So, long, in the entire width or height of the door, the handles will give rhythm to the interior and emphasize the shape of the furniture. Handles can be different: light and massive, plastic or metal, vintage or modern, made according to the author’s sketch.

Use the color on the apron.

As photos and pictures of repairs show, usually the maximum that we decide on is to lay out an apron with tiles with unpretentious decor. It is much cheaper to order and mount an apron made of glass painted in a defiant color, it is easier to care for it. And in terms of strength, heat-resistant glass is in no way inferior to ceramics.

Add drama.

The principle of an accent wall works in the kitchen just like it does in any other room. It’s just that a wall with an apron is usually taken as an accent wall. What if the active color is on some other wall?

Don’t discount the apps.

An inexpensive way to make an outstanding kitchen is to decorate the facades with self-adhesive film applications. Ready-made options can be found in stores specializing in decoupage products, or ordered in a workshop according to your own sketches.

Buy unusual household appliances.

It is not at all necessary to build everything and everyone behind furniture facades. Especially when it comes to the scarlet refrigerator. When there is such a refrigerator in the kitchen, all eyes are only on it – neither the color nor the layout of your headset is striking so much.

Dissolve furniture.

The right option is a completely white kitchen, including furniture, walls, and ceiling. Against such a background, simple white facades will completely dissolve, and the room will become visually larger and brighter. As a result, you will get a light, airy, non-binding kitchen, the furniture in which tends to fade into the background and not “an eyesore” with its presence. And it will be possible to diversify such an interior with bright accessories. The same technique can be used not only in the kitchen but also in the design of apartments in general.

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