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How Are Granite Worktops Made? And What Colours Are Available?

If you’re interested in granite worktops, you’ve probably been wondering: How are they made? What are their benefits? And what colours are available? Read on to learn more! After all, they’re not just for the bathroom!

You can also find out about granite sealers, which are great for lightening the colour of your worktops. In addition, we’ll discuss what you can expect from granite worktops in St Albans in your kitchen!

How Are Granite Worktops Made?

Granite is a natural stone, found in many places throughout the world. It is mined from the earth, and the process starts with huge blocks of stone. These slabs are then cut into pieces and polished with diamonds on one side.

The slabs are then shipped to fabricators who fabricate them into granite worktops. After the slabs are made, they’re delivered to the kitchen, and further, customise with specialized tools.

The process of fabrication for granite worktops is both an art and a science. It requires specialized equipment and high levels of expertise. But the result is a product that looks beautiful, is long-lasting, and is both practical and functional.

No matter what type of granite you choose, you’ll be happy with the finished product, and your home’s appeal will increase. Here are some of the benefits of granite worktop.

What Colours Are Granite Available In?

Granite comes in a variety of colours, from neutral tones to bold hues. Choosing a colour can be challenging, especially as granite is an expensive material. Fortunately, there are some basic colour schemes you can follow to ensure that your new granite worktops will match your room’s décor.

Read on for more tips to help you choose the perfect granite colour. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular granite worktops in St Albans.

Grey – Often occurring alongside black granite, grey granite is an excellent choice for kitchen surfaces. It gives a modern, reassuring feel. Grey granite worktops also come in a variety of shades, from blue to green. Some varieties are a mixture of the two colours, and others are subtle. Grey granite is a versatile material, so you’ll find plenty of ways to decorate your kitchen with it.

Benefits Of Granite Worktops

When compared to other surface materials, granite is hygienic. While wood is porous, the surface of granite is sealed, which means that liquids and stains will not stain the surface. Because of this, granite worktops require very little maintenance.

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The only cleaning solution required to keep them looking good is a quick wipe with soap and water. The non-porous surface makes it easy to keep clean, and resealing will help prolong the life of the granite worktops.

Although granite worktops are often associated with kitchens, they can also be used in bathrooms. Because it is durable and easy to clean, they are a fantastic choice for the bathroom, even the toilet.

Although natural granite will cost more initially, the benefits outweigh the cost, as it will never need to be redecorated again. You can even use granite as a vanity top or on top of granite worktops in St Albans in your laundry room.

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