Holiday Promotion Ideas For Small Start-up

Make a gift guide for the holidays.

Consumers with little time and a lack of ideas will appreciate an excellent gift guide. Furthermore, people are more likely to use it if their lists of friends and relatives are longer(promotion strategy).

To make the guide as helpful as possible, categorise it: for the man who has everything, for the women in your life, unique presents for the youngsters, and crowd-pleasers for Secret Santa are just a few of the various ways you can bundle your goods to target different market segments. When your guide is finished, be sure to spread the word about it in your customer newsletter emails and social media efforts.

Offer Practical Holiday Advice

Searching for additional content to use in your social media campaigns? Offer consumers and prospects useful advice and insights based on your product mix and areas of expertise. In some ways, this is no different from the year-round material you would typically offer through a blog or newsletter. But the holidays are the ideal time to address their issues and interests in a way that is festive and meets their needs.

So, for instance, a company that sells cookware may provide suggestions for holiday cooking that is healthy. Because no one likes to give or receive a gift they can’t get operating right out of the box, an electronics retailer might provide some tech advice. Whatever the topic, though, make sure there are lots of SEO-friendly keywords in the material so that your company appears highly when buyers search.

By offering this kind of information, you may build your brand and credibility. You have little to lose, and it doesn’t cost much to build.

Help a Deserving Cause

People enjoy donating to deserving causes over the holiday season and like to support companies that reflect their beliefs. You can support them in doing both by collaborating with a neighbourhood foundation or charity. Depending on what you offer, many strategies may be used, but the most popular one is to give a portion of each sale to the organisation or cause of your choice.

Your charity of choice should reflect the values of your company and, whenever feasible, relate to your products. Therefore, a sporting goods store might donate to an environmental cause, whereas a clothing store might do the same to support free trade and end child labour. Once you’ve chosen a cause, make sure to prominently advertise it in your email and on social media. Customers will appreciate it and be more likely to give you more of their business.

Organize a holiday event

Without social gatherings, what would the holidays be? Hosting a spectacular event can help draw attendees and boost revenue. It doesn’t always have to be expensive either. Free refreshments, live music, and a welcoming atmosphere all help. It’s a smart idea to schedule Santa to appear and take pictures as well, especially if you want to draw in families.

Free product samples are another enticement that can be used to advertise your goods. Additionally, having a business-related subject for your event will help you draw attendees. One might be centred around a book signing at a bookstore, for instance, or a game night at a toy store. A raffle or the chance to meet a local celebrity are examples of additional draws.

Along with images and videos, these occasions can be used to gather consumer testimonies. One strategy for doing this is to designate a “roving reporter” to record interviews with attendees on what they appreciate most about your products. Then you can upload the video on your website or Facebook page, but make sure to get the consent of the interview subjects by having them sign a release form.

If your company exclusively operates online, think about collaborating with a physical location to co-host an event or organising your own online gathering. The latter can be conducted using Zoom or a webinar platform and can include a well-known speaker or celebrity in addition to a free gift.

Create a contest

Everyone enjoys competing. It might be as straightforward as a raffle or as complex as a several-week-long online treasure hunt with hundreds of tasks and hints. Your contest’s parameters should reflect the character of your company and the kinds of customers you hope to draw. Businesses that sell inexpensive goods to a wide number of customers may find door prizes to be more fitting; speciality shops that sell more expensive goods may prefer more intricate competitions that call for some specialised expertise (of music, movies or computers, for instance). But whatever kind of competition you hold, make the most of it as a fun approach to win customers’ support and boost sales. And make sure to update all of your social media with pictures and interviews of the winners.

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