Hidden Benefits of Car Wash

Car Wash

When a car goes through a car wash, the last thing a car owner usually thinks about is cleaning the part of the car they can’t see. Out of sight can cause damage to the car in the long run. Cleaning and maintaining a car’s chassis is just as important as its exterior. Dirt and debris can accumulate under the car during the journey and in other places where the driver may drive. The undercarriage has drainage holes that can be blocked or obstructed by construction to the left of the road. The washing line reaches places where the car owner does not think to keep the car clean at all corners.

Cleaning the chassis also helps prevent corrosion. Rocks and other particles can scratch the chassis and leave bare metal when driving over rough roads or gravel. This metal is prone to corrosion when exposed to moisture.

When a car goes through a professional car wash, mechanics can ensure that the car is properly dried to prevent rust and other problems that come from excess moisture. Rust can cause the vehicle to break down faster and can affect resale value.

Washing Your Car is Important

Car washing is a small investment of money and time with a big return on investment. Washing your car is important for two reasons. Your car will look cleaner and have better resale and trade-in value. You’ll feel better and look better when you drive in a clean and well-maintained car.

Washing your car is an affordable way to protect value and preserve appearance. Contaminants such as dirt, pollen, tree sap, air pollution and dead bugs can damage your car’s beautiful finish and paint.How frequently do you have your car washed? While many car manufacturers and experts recommend washing your car once a week, it depends on your personal preference as well as many factors, including:


  • Where you live; you are in a place where BIRDS are making a mess of your car.
  • How much your car is exposed to the ‘elements’ better known as heat, cold, sun, snow, salt, pollution, rain and wind.
  • You drive a car or live near a construction zone In rural and urban areas, there is an endless army of insects and bugs that can fit into your car.
  • All these small scratches have a big effect on the appearance of your car Is your car parked in the open?
  • Maybe on the way, on the road or under the trees? All of these factors can cause the quality of your car’s paint to deteriorate Maybe your car is in a garage or under an awning?

While this will certainly protect your car’s paint from “The Elements”, it can get dusty… There are many different car wash packages available, including unlimited wash lines. To help you take your car to the wash as often as you need, depending on the information above and your budget.

At KGC Workshop, you get more than just a car wash. Many services are available including touch wash, float wash, hand wash and full detailing. For those of us who like to keep our car clean and often encounter dust and mud or even kids spilling snacks or drinks. They offer unlimited car wash plans at no charge. contract, so you spend less time and money cleaning your car. .

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