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Hairline Lowering Transplant – How It Works, What it Does, and More!

A hairline lowering transplant is also called forehead reduction. It is a type of plastic surgery to help to shorten the distance between your hairline and the eyebrows. It involves moving the hair-bearing scalp forward and securing your hairline in a lower position on your forehead. The surgery is satisfactory, and most patients who have undergone this procedure are happy with the outcome. There are several things to like about hairline lowering transplant surgery. It helps you generate more balanced proportions. This surgery gives you better and quicker outcomes than hair transplants. Hair transplants yield less hair density in the desired sites than the hairline lowering surgery achieves.

How Does Hairline Lowering Surgery Works?

Hairline lowering transplant surgery is a straightforward process conducted by professional plastic surgeons. The surgery typically lasts for three hours, based on the specifics of the procedure. It is always conducted simultaneously with other cosmetic treatments like brow lifts to maximize your money and time. Before the surgery, you will be sedated based on the doctor’s preferences. They will develop a distinction of your new planned hairline. After drawing your new hairline, the doctor will make an incision to loosen the hair-bearing scalp tissues.

The last step will be moving the skin forward from one to three centimeters and removing any skin before closing the incision. Your skin might not be elastic enough to be lowered to the desired amount. Suppose that is the case; the surgeon might consider placing a tissue expander under your scalp. In about six weeks, the expander will stretch the skin, and once it has been stretched enough, the surgeon will remove the expansion and finish the process. An alternative will be having a second hairline lowering procedure. Here the surgeon uses two or more layers of stitches or surgical clips to lose the surgery area. Afterward, they will cover it with a surgical dressing afterward.

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How Does the Hairline Lowering Recovery Take?

The recovery from the hairline lowering transplant process depends on the actual surgery and the individual undergoing surgery. The recovery typically takes around one week, and you can continue your normal routine afterward. After a week, the swelling and bruising will have been subsidized. You can wear a hat or brush your hair forward to hide the sutures.

Doctors recommend you avoid strenuous activity for the first week after the hairline lowering surgery. But you will commit to hiding the incisions for three months until they fade. During the first few days of recovery, you will have prescribed pain medications. You are advised to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling and bruising. You should use several pillows to prop up, which helps speed up the healing process. The aftercare ensures that the incisions are clean to prevent infections.


Generally, a hairline lowering transplant process is safe. But as with any other surgery, there are some complications. The risks can include numbness, bleeding, scarring, bruising, swelling, discomfort, and possible infections. But opting for a qualified surgeon will reduce these uncommon complications to ensure you achieve the best outcomes with the hairline lowering surgery. This surgery is mostly simple, low-risk, and easy to recover from. If you are considering this procedure, note that the outcome is permanent and immediate, and most people report satisfaction with the outcomes.

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