Google’s New Multi Search Feature and How it Affects SEO?

Google has launched a new product that is going to change how people search online, and it is important that you know how to take advantage of it. The Multi Search Panel is a panel on Google that combines all of your previous searches together in one place. This means that you can now search for multiple items at once without having to go back and forth between different tabs or browsers. For example, if I wanted to find an article about SEO while also looking up the best restaurants in town and the top ten most popular movies right now—I could do all three within just one search panel instead of having three separate ones open simultaneously.

In April 2022, Google introduced its newest innovation to search technology, the multi search. The update focuses on taking the search experience beyond the search bar by allowing the use of images and texts together. 

Google’s new feature, which it calls “multi-search,” lets users search for multiple things in one go. For example, if you wanted to find out about restaurants and hotels in one city, you could search for the exact location and then use the same tool to look up those two types of businesses.

Multi-search works differently than other tools: It gives users a single result page that lists all their searches on a single page. The user needs only scroll down this page to see all the results from each query—the same way they would browse through an online catalog or search results pages in general (like Yelp). This makes it much easier to compare different kinds of businesses without having to jump between websites or apps—and without having to click back and forth between tabs or windows on your computer screen!

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Users can now utilize their cameras to look for a specific product or service online. With the help of Google Lens, users can capture or upload photos of objects and attach texts for additional information. 

Google aims to enhance the internet searching experience, and it did not end with multi search as they introduced the near me feature in the latest update. Near me is a keyword the algorithm considers to provide results accessible to users. Incorporating this feature with multi search will enable users to take photos and add the text “near me” to distinguish establishments that offer their desired product or service. 

The update is most impactful for shopping or retail as it connects prospects with nearby businesses. The feature is perfect for users who are in a hurry or don’t want to wait for shipping. Planning impromptu birthday parties and last-minute Halloween costume hunting will be much easier with the help of Google Lens.

The new feature also benefits commercial establishments. But businesses must optimize their online presence to make the most of the latest updates. 

Combining photos and texts is the premise of multi search, which encourages businesses to upload images of their products and services on their web pages and other digital platforms. The pictures must be of a high standard and accompanied by tags that establish the business’ location. Marketers should also optimize their company’s website by availing of a WordPress page speed optimization service to accommodate top-quality media. 

Companies must adjust their SEO efforts to the development of search engines. To successfully achieve this, businesses should seek the expertise of SEO companies. Digital marketing establishments that offer WordPress site speed optimization can help enterprises more effectively connect with prospects.

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To know more about Google’s multi search feature and how it affects SEO, check out this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

Multisearch Feature

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