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Google Takeout Not Working, What Would be the Best Google Takeout Alternative?

Having trouble backing up your Gmail emails with Google Takeout? If so, then we’ve got you covered. Many Google users have complications when backing up with Google Takeout.

“Hi, my name is Luke, and I recently tried to backup my Gmail emails with Google Takeout, but I have some difficulties doing this. First, it took Google 7 hours to archive my Gmail generating account data Second, when I download the archive, the download fails because of a problem (maybe because of the internet connection, maybe not). The biggest problem is that after several attempts to download the archive, I get this message “Sorry, you have reached the daily download limit“. What should I do? Do I need to regenerate the archive? Or is there another more reliable solution for backing up Gmail emails? Please help me, I’m seriously stuck”

Just like the above user queries, there are many cases where users are facing problems because their Google Takeout is not working. So get an alternative to Google Takeout.

The Best Alternative of Google Takeout, When It Not Working

Many customers face inconvenience when using Google Takeaways download highlights. The Google Takeout bug was the reason for the troubling conditions, and the customers were generally looking for another reliable app that could effectively download enhanced information. One such solution is to efficiently export Gmail messages and contacts from your Gmail account using an external program called Free Gmail Backup Software.

Benefits of Using Free Gmail Backup Tool

Because of its reliable nature, PDF is always recommended as a backup file format. Let’s understand the reasons to choose PDF while backing up Gmail data:

Security – Many businesses and organizations kadıköy escort have basically turned to PDF files because they can be kept private.

Format – The format remains the same no matter who you share the file with and on which gadget. It is not difficult to view and share, and it does not break sections of the report.

Multidimensional – PDF allows you to coordinate different types of content such as images, audio recordings, designs, vibrancy, 3D models and more without breaking the archive format.

Useful – PDFs work efficiently on all work frames because the format is not difficult to view and share.

Compact – The best thing about PDF is that you can pack unlimited information into a file size that is not difficult to share or access without thinking twice.

How Can I Export IMAP Data from Outlook to PST?

Summing Up

In this blog we discuss why you need an alternative to Google Takeout, Google Takeout bugs, more reliable and efficient tools compared to Google Takeout, and what these utilities do.

To conclude this blog, we can say that users often encounter various problems when using Google Takeout; therefore, users can use Google Takeout alternative software to achieve the following functions:

  • Migrate single or multiple Gmail or Google Workspace email account data.
  • Less time consuming.
  • There is no size limit.
  • Uninterrupted Gmail or Google Workspace email data downloads.

Choose the right software to download all the Gmail data into multiple secure file formats. Free Gmail Backup Tool allows you to use the software free of cost with some limitations.

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