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Gomukhasana (Cow face pose) method, benefits, and disadvantage

Gomukhasana is considered one of the particularly effective yoga asanas. In this yoga posture, the body posture is in such a way that the face of a cow appears. In English, it is known as cow face. This is a high-class yoga posture, which is taught to new yogis by gradually practicing them. Gomukhasana is such a special yoga posture, which is very important to do with the right technique. In this article, the benefits of practicing Gomukhasana yoga, its method of use, and what precautions should be taken during this time have been told. Yoga Teacher Training in Bali also offers a great opportunity to people who want to teach Yoga in the future.

Benefits of Cow face pose:

Gomukhasana is a special yoga posture, which if done with the right technique can provide the following health benefits –

1. Back strain gomukhasana

During the yoga posture of Gomukhasana, the muscles of the upper back are effectively stretched and they become flexible. Gomukhasana can be a very beneficial yoga pose for people who have back pain.

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2. Make the shoulders flexible

If you have pain in your shoulders, then Gomukhasana can be a panacea for you. Practicing Gomukhasana regularly increases flexibility in the shoulders and prevents problems like stiffness and pain.

3. Keeping the spine straight, Gomukhasana

People who sit for long periods of time (such as people working at computers or desks) often have poor physical posture. Practicing Gomukhasana regularly keeps the spine straight and improves physical posture.

4. Gomukhasana brings flexibility in arms

By practicing Gomukhasana with the right method, the muscles of the hands start getting stretched. Practicing this yoga asana regularly helps in getting rid of arm pain and many other problems.

Steps to do Cow face pose:

If you are going to practice yoga for the first time, then the following steps may help you to make this yoga posture –

1 – First of all, lay a mat on the floor and make a yoga posture of Dandasana on it.

2 – Sit down with a cross and take the left leg from under the right leg and take it under the hip

3 – When the heel of your left foot touches the buttocks of your right foot, then lift the right leg.

4 – Take the right leg over the left leg and bring it as close to the body as possible.

5 – Now straighten the waist and raise the left hand and lower the right hand.

 6 – Bend the elbows of both hands, join the hands with each other and take a few deep breaths

Some changes can also be made in this yoga posture according to your physical flexibility, for which you can contact an experienced yoga instructor.

Precautions during Cow face pose:

It is very important to take care of some special things during the practice of Gomukhasana, which can generally include the following –

  • Keep the spine straight and do not try to twist it during yoga
  • Keep the neck straight and do not let any kind of a jerk
  • Do not apply force while moving the hands backward
  • When not to do Cow face pose


If you have any of the following health-related problems, then you should talk to the doctor before practicing Gomukhasana –

  • severe pain, sprain, or injury to any part of the body
  • tiredness or muscle weakness
  • heart, respiratory disease, or any other physical problem
  • menstruation or pregnancy

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