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Four Marketing Assets That Help Agencies To Attract High-Value Clients

1. Case Studies

Case studies are fantastic if you want to share your analysis of a campaign you ran with your audience, outlining the obstacle or situation you faced and how you dealt with it (among other things/digital marketing course malaysia).

For example, Adobe shared a client storey on Epson about using artificial intelligence to improve customer experiences and the solutions Adobe was able to deliver.

The Adobe case study is excellent since it describes the specific issues that Epson faced. It also included more examples of how they applied the answer and sufficient specifics about how they were able to solve the challenge.

Because this form of content teaches people about your business, case studies can help attract good fit clients and screen out bad fit clients. It helps people understand what your business is all about (and what it isn’t).

Brendan Hufford, the SEO director at Clique Studios, recently told the Case Study Buddy blog, “I would say that most of our prospects and 100 percent of our finalised sales have considered our case studies extremely strongly.”

Nothing makes you feel more at ease than a case study… And what’s even better is that if someone sees a case study and likes you, they’ll be willing to be more flexible on the budget because they want to work with you.

The more people know about your organisation, the more accurate their judgement of whether or not you are a suitable fit for them becomes, leading them to make a decision sooner rather than later.

2. A Feed of Press Mentions

A press mention is exactly what it sounds like: any news mention of your agency or brand. The “as seen in” media logos on agency homepages are great for social proof, but if you can convince prospects to click through to a category page with thumbnails and links to glowing coverage, it’ll be even better.

If you want to use press mentions for marketing purposes, you’ll need to generate material that is worthy of being mentioned in the media.

You’ll need to know what your target audience wants to read in order to do this.

You may learn about your target audience’s main concerns, the blogs they read, and how they locate new content by conducting a simple survey utilising platforms like SurveyMonkey (among other things).

After you’ve taken care of that, you can begin creating your content marketing funnel.

This may inform you which of your earned media assets and owned lead magnets are generating the most conversions, which blog posts are generating the most traffic, and at what point in the marketing funnel the majority of individuals become paying customers.

When you have exceptional content – assets that address your target audience’s pain points — you can broaden your reach and gain third-party validation that you can’t obtain from owned media alone.

3. Programs

Many businesses considering agency services are undecided, unsure if they should handle things in-house or outsource. Educational content can also help to demonstrate how difficult it is to do what you do, reinforcing the notion that they require your assistance.

Creating online courses will help you dispel any reservations your prospective high-value clients might have regarding your company’s skills and industry understanding. They can determine to some extent that you are a perfect fit for their scenario because they can see you demonstrate your abilities and knowledge through your courses.

You may utilise a reputable LMS platform like Kajabi to make it easier for you to run, manage, and advertise your online courses(digital marketing course malaysia).

Kajabi’s Pipeline function is one of the marketing modules it offers. It allows you to construct a personalised sequence of automated marketing offers for your target market.

You may also change the look and feel of your pipeline’s pieces, such as your landing page, email sequences, and forms.

This allows you to segment your course participants and send them tailored upsell drips with services that best match their interests – as well as their flaws.

It’s easy to develop a community that includes your ideal target demographics with the help of LMS platforms like Kajabi. The easier it becomes for them to trust you with their marketing initiatives as you continue to cultivate your relationship with them.

4. Customer testimonials

We may use testimonials from former clients with whom you’ve worked are gold mines that as recommendations for new consumers, making them valuable marketing tools.

This is how ChowNow, an online meal ordering platform, displays client testimonials on their website.

The concept is simple: if you have pleased and satisfied clients, write down their thanks, obtain permission to use their comments, and share them with the rest of the world and your target audiences.

Potential clients will learn more about your agency and services after reading these evaluations, and they will be more motivated to work with you since they trust the honesty of your previous or present clientele.

It’s a low-cost, less “in your face” approach of promoting your services without being self-important (at least, not too much).

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