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Fixed why Epson Printer Not Connecting With Mac or iOS Gadgets?

Why Epson Printer Not Connecting With Mac or iOS Gadgets?

If you have an Epson printer, then you may have faced the problem of the Epson Printer Not Connecting With Mac or iOS. The printer is not connecting with the computer device and you are unable to print anything. This can be frustrating to deal with such an issue, but there are some reasons why your Epson Printer Not Connecting With Mac or iOS.

Here we are going to discuss those reasons in detail so that you can resolve them easily.

Why my Epson Printer Not Connecting With Mac or iOS?

The printer is not turned on properly

If you have switched off your printer, it won’t be able to print anything until you turn it on. You can confirm this by checking whether there is any light flashing on your Epson printer or not. If there is no light flashing on your Epson printer, then you need to unplug and plug it back in again in order to turn it on properly.

The printer is offline

If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, then make sure that the printer is online and connected to the same network as your Mac.

The USB cable has been disconnected

Make sure that your USB cable is connected properly, and then try again to connect your device with the Epson printer.

You need to reset both devices

Resetting both devices will help you fix this issue easily. To do so, unplug both devices from power sources, including the AC adapter and battery backup power supply or wall outlet. Wait for 10 seconds after removing power from all devices before turning them back on one by one starting with the computer and then followed by the Epson printer and finally iPad or iPhone mobile device.

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Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Not Connecting With Mac or iOS

Update Your Software

The first thing you should do is check if there’s an update available for the software that came with your Epson printer. The reason why this is a good idea is that sometimes updates can fix bugs and issues that may be causing the problem. If you don’t have an internet connection, then you can also try updating manually by downloading the latest version of the software from Epson’s website.

Check which ports your printer is using

If you’ve recently tried connecting your Epson printer to your computer or mobile device, then make sure it’s using a different port than what it was previously using. For example, if it was connected via USB before but now it isn’t working, then make sure it’s connected through Ethernet instead (if that’s possible).

Disable firewall and antivirus software

If there’s an issue with connecting your Epson printer to your computer or mobile device, then chances are that firewall or antivirus software might be blocking access to certain ports on your computer. To fix this problem, try disabling these programs temporarily while trying to connect.

Reboot both Devices

The easiest way to fix this issue is by rebooting both devices. Do this by turning off your printer and computer and then restarting them. Make sure to turn them back on in the same order that you turned them off. Once everything has restarted, try connecting again. This will often solve any issues with connecting your printer to your computer or iOS device.


We hope the solutions shared in this post will help you to solve the Epson Printer Not Connecting With Mac or iOS issue. Now, you can freely take full access to the device, it will not generate any trouble for you. You can use it perfectly without any hurdles. 

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