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Explore the Top 6 Latest iOS App Development Trends for 2023

6 Really Good iOS App Development Trends for Better Results

According to estimates, the global income from mobile apps would exceed $935 billion by 2023 and one of the most promising and well-liked sectors in the IT industry is iOS app development.

Businesses strive to adapt to the shifting needs of their customers. Also, there are over 25,000 brand-new iOS apps released each month for customers to pick from. Then, you should keep up with advancements in iOS app development if you want to maintain top positions in your sector. Otherwise, you risk only being in the second position in the market but being complete in the market.

Moreover, with the growing popularity of iOS among users, it is undoubtedly difficult for iOS app developers to keep up with the latest advancements and trends while still meeting customer demand. In this article, we’ve got you covered on top of updated iOS app development trends that will be relevant in the coming years.

Let’s dive into the Details:

1. Swift 6

Choosing an appropriate programming language is the first step in the process. Swift has made a name for itself as a simple, user-friendly technology for iOS app developers. It is frequently utilized by teams working on iOS apps at big businesses like Apple, LinkedIn, Slack, SkyGuide, etc.

What then makes Swift so useful and efficient for creating iOS apps? iOS developers can concentrate on writing logical, high-quality code thanks to advantages like compatibility, stable APIs and modules, simple syntax, and many more.

The language’s capabilities are predicted to significantly increase. According to rumors, Swift 6 will put more of an emphasis on supporting platforms besides iOS.

2. Internet-of-Things (IoT)

The rise of smart homes and other intelligent objects is a modern thing that will expand in the years to come. The newest innovation is the technology that allows various home appliances to communicate with electronic devices. It provides smartphone control of household behaviors. With just one touch, you may be able to watch TV, unlock doors, adjust the thermostat, open windows, or turn on the light.

IoT is a buzzword that is becoming more well-known every day. IoT-related investments, earnings, and profits are expanding exponentially. The creation of iOS apps that can interface with devices connected to the internet has already begun.

iOS app developers will strive to make value-adding apps that will help users make the most of their IoT products as IoT companies continue to offer reliable and advanced products in the market.

Developers should also anticipate advancements in debugging, code completion, diagnostics, and other features that will enhance the coding environment.

3. Apple Pay

Spending online has significantly increased. The most popular mobile app that requires integration with several payment methods is now mobile commerce. With Apple Pay, integration is simpler. It is renowned for its convenience, comfort with payments and security features. It utilizes the device’s built-in NFC function and is one of the developments of the payment gateway. Your card information is not required to be saved. As a result, clients may receive their money more quickly than usual. The number of users has increased dramatically.

Apple Pay

Initially only accepted by 3% of U.S. retailers, Apple Pay is currently accepted at 50% of stores. It is now among the most widely used contactless payment methods in the world.

As per statistics, it indicates that Apple Pay transactions have increased by an astounding 500%. Apple Pay is simple for iOS developers to integrate into their applications. The fact that Apple Pay doesn’t require you to save your debit or credit card information adds to the security’s resilience.

4. Machine Learning

One of the most interesting new trends in iOS app development is how it will expand on the Core ML improvements, which were a major component of the trends for iOS apps years back.

Machine learning enhancements for 2022 were planned in a way that confirmed that AI had already become the norm. It won’t be any different this year. We anticipate Apple will build on the advancements.

  • New sorts of layers
  • Assistance with encryption of models
  • The capacity for hosting models changes on CloudKit, etc.

No matter what the future holds for the field of iOS app development, one thing is for certain: there will be a huge increase in the number of intelligent applications available.

5. CloudKit

One of the top iOS app development trends is CloudKit. Large volumes of data are stored, managed and organized by these cloud-integrated apps. The development of dynamic iOS applications is accelerated by a data-transfer program named CloudKit. Only a few limitations stand in the way of meeting users’ expectations and completing complex jobs.


Due to the cloud’s ability to provide a secure, centralized location for effective business operations, its use is steadily growing. Applications for iOS that store and back up documents use this technique. Cloud integration, one of the newest trends in iOS app development, is reshaping the smartphone app market.

6. iBeacon

For more than a decade already, numerous businesses have successfully used beacon technology. Customers can quickly and easily explore their surroundings and find out more about new products and companies with these compact, simple Bluetooth devices. Businesses utilize beacons to gather information about their customers’ buying habits.

Apple is one of the many tech behemoths that use beacon technology. It first made use of the iBeacon technology in iOS7, giving its customers more context on the goods that different companies were using iBeacons to advertise. These days, more and more businesses install iBeacons in their brick-and-mortar stores.

According to Verified Market Research, the market for Bluetooth beacons and iBeacons, which were valued at $696.05 million in 2019, will expand to $109532.21 million by 2027, with a CAGR of 87.74%.

7. Increasing the Power of Siri

The need for voice assistant apps will increase, and iOS development in this area will continue to expand. According to Juniper Research, 8 billion devices will have voice assistants by 2023.

A lot of big businesses have invested in creating their own talking bots, and Apple developed Siri. Since that time, Siri has continued to advance and become more intelligent. Siri is being used to assist people with daily tasks. Businesses integrate Siri into their digital products to enable customers to easily identify the things they need via voice search or fix any problems, offering digital customer assistance.

Every iOS-based mobile application can easily incorporate Siri because Apple offers a specific SiriKit to iOS developers. Via the Kit, the voice assistant is included in the iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS apps.

Siri Shortcut is yet another recent addition to Siri’s feature set. In an iOS app, the feature enables the creation of shortcuts for quick actions. App users can easily use a specific app in this way without even touching their mobile devices.

8. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The growth of augmented reality and virtual reality in iOS applications is one of the most amazing trends. They connect the real world and the digital one, enabling new interpretations of information.

The characteristics of AR and VR that relate to entertainment were first what drew people to them. ‘Pokemon Go’ was the first game that attracted players.

Today, we use this technology in a number of contexts, including:

  • Information processing
  • Shopping
  • Self-development

For instance, Lenskart uses augmented reality to boost sales by enabling users to try on several eyeglasses via their app. Because of this, augmented reality is becoming increasingly important to all application developers and will only get better.

The ARkit, which combines motion tracking, camera scene capture, powerful image processing, and display conveniences, will be the main focus for iOS developers.

Many corporations are already utilizing ARkit, which is considered to be the next big thing. By 2023, they will be more integrated into iOS mobile device apps to improve user experience and engagement.

9. iOS 17

Many of us continue to adore iOS 16 for all its new features! Nonetheless, we are alive: Apple constantly has more figurative aces under its sleeves. The wait for iOS 17 shouldn’t be too long given Apple’s usual release timeline for new iOS versions.

There are already reports about the new features, which include improved security and privacy controls, improved App Store functioning, and new ways to customize Apple products. A new home screen, a revamped notification center & many more updates are expected.

If you’re an iOS developer, you should think about how to enhance your app development project right away because iOS 17 may just give you the tools you need.

Why Should You Follow iOS App Development Trends? Reasons Behind it

Any business focused on digitalization needs mobile apps. Also, the latest trends follow in iOS app development for the following reasons:

User Loyalty: all of the aforementioned iOS trends make users enjoy their lives with the comfort they want. For example, Chatbot- it gives users an instant answer to their queries without waiting too long.

High Engagement: if you follow all of these trends and the users get what they want, they will be more likely to use the app for a longer period of time, which will increase app engagement.

Security: when using a website, users can register and have to remember a login & password. But in the app, there are options for mobile apps that better protect their data, such as touchID or faceID.


The market is seeing increased competition as a result of the industry’s ongoing innovation in App Development. Companies should make sure that their mobile applications are user-friendly, quick to respond, reliable & follow the most recent trends in mobile development in order to maintain their customers’ engagement.

Use the aforementioned trends in your power to grow your business.

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