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Expert Tips for a Successful Bathroom Makeover

When it comes to creating a dream bathroom design plan, hundreds of ideas and images come to mind that we once saw while traveling, on the pages of fashion magazines or on interior portals, in films or social networks. We want everything at once. And attempts to make a dream a reality often cause stress and anxiety. How convenient will this or that solution be? How does it fit into the existing interior of the house? Will it affect the total cost of the apartment? How long will it remain relevant? What kind of maintenance service will you need? Should you apply to a bathroom design service? And a million more pros and cons.

In addition, the bathroom of your dreams should match the lifestyle of the owner as much as possible – because only in this way can it guarantee a higher quality of life, high comfort and well-being. So it turns out that despite the fact that the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, its arrangement requires special attention. Therefore, before starting its transformation, it is necessary to decide on three things: layout, budget and design.

Which plan to choose?

Before choosing equipment, carefully study the plan of your bathroom. This will help you form a realistic idea of how much space you have, what type of layout would be best, what lighting, colors and finishes to choose. It is also important to study how plumbing can be positioned and what restrictions this may cause. Alas, any dream can be broken by improperly laid drains, water, sewer and ventilation pipes.

For example, a single “wet” wall layout, where the sink, toilet, and shower are installed along the same wall, is considered the most economical, but also the most restrictive. A double-walled layout, with the sink and toilet on one wall and the bath and shower on the other, gives you more options. The three-wall layout is considered the most versatile but at the same time the most complex and expensive.

No less important is the issue of storage: what do you plan to store in the bathroom and how to organize convenient access? All of these are worth considering in order to plan your budget, avoid costly mistakes, and make the most of your space.

Who will use the bathroom?

Answering this question, you must decide how many people, what age and gender will use the bathroom. After all, a bathroom for a family with children will be significantly different from a bathroom for the elderly, a guest or master bathroom. It is also necessary to take into account the bathing preferences of family members. It will depend on what to install: a bath or a shower if there is no space for both.

On the one hand, if you are a person of action and prefer to take an invigorating shower in the morning and relax to the soothing sounds of a tropical downpour in the evening, then you can not waste space and money on a bath. Enough shower. And vice versa, if you like to luxuriate in a free-standing clawfoot bath, then your choice, at first glance, is obvious. But not everything is so simple.

Your preferences can increase/decrease the value of the property. Since the absence of a bath when selling an apartment to a young family with a child can lead to a decrease in its price.  And that goes for everything from paint color and fittings to sinks and lighting.

In addition, it is worth remembering that life does not stand still, and marital status is constantly changing: children are born, grow up and move to their own apartments; As we age, we may experience certain physical limitations due to health problems. Therefore, it is important at the initial stage to determine all future needs.

What are your stylistic preferences?

Another important question to answer before starting renovation work is what are your main stylistic preferences: classic, minimalism, Scandinavian or industrial style. Or maybe you want to experiment with color, texture and patterns. But you definitely know that modern bathroom designs are most popular and trendy.

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