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Examples of Instagram Guides

What are Instagram guides?

Guides let you curate a set of pre-published Instagram posts to give your viewers various content. They will be found in your feed under an icon similar to a map and between Posts & Reels. Buying Instagram Followers

We’ve compiled a list of examples of Instagram Guides that will help you make your profile successful. Buying Instagram Followers

Are you ready to join the journey?

Add helpful resources depending on your content.
Is it worth using Instagram Guides? They can help group your content by topic: you could include places you’ve visited if your passion is traveling, products you sell if your business has a product or your posts.

You may lose some content if you post frequently. A Guide allows you to curate posts related to a particular topic. Your followers can access all of your content with one click.

Instagram Guides examples grouped content.

RealFooding is an Instagram profile that shares tips for healthy eating. It has also created numerous guides. RealFooding created guides such as “Post-Christmas food” or “Real Fooders Pizzas”. They’ve collected a collection of posts on healthy eating to help you get back to good eating habits following Christmas.

What is the purpose of this guide? This guide gives users easy access to recipes for one topic via their feeds. This guide explains to new users how the platform works and what it can do for them.

Highlight products in your Instagram shop

You know that Instagram allows you to share content in any format it offers. This includes reels in your feed and IGTV videos on Stories. You can use Guides to create a collection of products for your Instagram shop. This can be done by section (men’s and women’s shoes) or collection (winter, winter, summer). Your followers will have another channel to purchase from you. You can promote products online or through an influencer.

Instagram guides examples of products.

Alohas, a US clothing brand, uses Guides to showcase its most in-demand products. You can click on various products to buy them directly or visit their website. It’s a great way to use guides to make another channel for sales on Instagram without missing a customer through endless redirects. Buying Instagram Followers

Recommend multiple restaurants

Traveling to new countries or cities is a great way to discover the local cuisine and try new restaurants. How can you get Instagram users to follow your profile? You can create a list of restaurants near your business or city. Buying Instagram Followers Your profile will attract new followers, drive traffic to your profile, and connect with the recommended Instagram accounts of restaurants.

Instagram Guides: Examples of restaurants and locations

Pablo Cabezali’s Instagram account, Cenandoconpablo (“Dining With Pablo”), features a YouTube channel with reviews of restaurants. In addition to his YouTube channel, he also posts photos and videos on Instagram about the places he eats. You can learn a lot from his guides. Each guide focuses on a specific type of restaurant, depending on the region or province in which it is located. Buying Instagram Followers

A Galicia follower can visit the Galicia guide to see his restaurant recommendations. The The Worlds 50 Best Instagram account keeps its followers informed about the latest openings in restaurants around the globe. They have created a guide that lists the top 50 chefs in the world and highlights the most recent openings. This guide is essential for all foodies and everyone who loves to travel.

Get tips and tricks from your sector.

How many times have there been instances when you saved a post about good practices and tips only to lose it? You might also get asked questions like “Where can I find exercises that strengthen my shoulders?” if you create content about fitness. Buying Instagram Followers Guides allow you to curate different types of tips for your followers. You can organize the content; they won’t need to save each post separately.

Instagram Guides examples

JuanjoMarfe, a personal trainer, has an Instagram account focusing on fitness and working out. His Instagram style guides include a collection of posts from the past on supplements, exercise corrections and how to train different muscles. This is valuable content for users, as they only need to visit the guide to find the video about the exercise.

The fit solve is an Instagram account that focuses on health and fitness. This account has tons of content that cover both exercise and healthy eating. This guide is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to start in this area. Buying Instagram Followers You can access all the content you need in one click. Each post will include a brief explanation.

Highlight hot spots

This guide is excellent for profiles or accounts focused on travel or tourism agencies. You can highlight popular places in a country or region in your guides with more information to encourage people to visit them.

It can feature profiles of other users to help attract new members, just like the restaurant guide. A guide to an area is a great way to attract new members to a coworking space, which often has users from all parts of the globe.

Examples of hot spots and travel in Instagram guides

The Tourism Department in Elche owns the Visit Elche profile. They have created an Instagram guide to help promote tourism and make it easy for potential visitors to access the sites. You can find monuments, accommodation, nature, and even kid-friendly ways to explore the city. This guide is helpful for tourist agencies, hotels, and tourist apartments.

There are many posts in the Culture Trip profile about must-visit destinations. The Winter Escapes guide is an excellent place to find inspiration. You are immediately drawn to the cover photo and tap to access more content. The guides on this profile can be a great source of inspiration if you have a hotel or travel account. Buying Instagram Followers

Make use of Instagram guides to create a blog.

It is easy to set up a blog online. The hard part is maintaining the blog, writing long-format texts regularly and paying for the domain and server.

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