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Emperor Bed vs Super King Sized Bed: Which is Better?

Emperor Bed vs Super King Sized Bed: Which is Better?

Comfort is a luxury everyone wishes to be able to afford. For some, it may lie in a lavish lifestyle while others might solace in minimalism. However, the majority would agree that getting the right bed spells comfort like nothing else. After all, you sleep and rest in it every day until it has run its course. Speaking of comfortable beds, emperor beds, and super king beds are some noticeable types in this regard. But which bed to choose among these two types? We will do a detailed comparison between emperor beds vs super king-sized beds to help decide the right type for yourself.

Emperor Bed vs Super King-Sized Bed

When looking for comfortable bed options, emperor beds, and super king beds can both be viable options. Both types come with their unique qualities – making them all more intriguing for buyers. However, as both types are known for their enormous size and comfort, it could be difficult to make a call between the two.

To help you in this regard, let’s do an in-depth comparison between an emperor bed vs a super king-sized bed. We will go through the pros and cons of each type to help you make the right call when choosing between these beds.

Emperor Beds

These are the biggest types of beds mostly available in the European region. If you are wondering what size is an emperor bed, the emperor bed size in feet can measure around 6 feet 6 inches in height and length. Moreover, ultra supreme emperor beds can measure 7 feet in height and length.

Let’s now go through the pros and cons of these gigantic beds that are listed as follows:

Pros of Emperor Beds

Spacious sleeping area – When doing a comparison between an emperor bed vs a super king bed, an Emperor bed remains one of the largest types of bed available, providing a lot of space for sleeping, stretching out, and relaxing.
Luxurious feel – Because of their large size, Emperor beds can feel very luxurious and grand, making a bedroom feel more upscale.
Can accommodate multiple people – An Emperor bed is large enough to accommodate multiple people comfortably, making it a great choice for couples or families who like to sleep together.
Can offer better sleep – The extra space of an Emperor bed can help prevent sleep disturbances caused by a partner’s movements or by feeling cramped during sleep.

Cons of Emperor Beds

Expensive – Because of their large size and premium feel, Emperor beds can be quite expensive, potentially costing thousands of dollars.
Requires a larger bedroom – Because of their size, Emperor beds require a larger bedroom to accommodate them comfortably. This may limit the available space in the room for other furniture or storage.
Difficult to move – Emperor beds can be heavy and bulky, making them difficult to move once they are in place.
Bedding can be expensive – Because of the unique size of Emperor beds, finding bedding that fits properly can be challenging and expensive.
Super King Sized Beds

These are another large type of bed offering space and comfort like none other. Super king beds are conventionally bigger than king-size beds. Generally, a super king-size bed measures 6 feet in height and length.

The comparison between an emperor bed vs a super king cannot be complete without going through the advantages and disadvantages of super king-sized beds. Listed below are the major pros and cons of super king-sized beds.

Pros of Super King-sized beds

Cost – Super king-sized beds are generally less expensive than Emperor beds, making them a more affordable option for those who want a larger bed.
Availability – Super king-sized beds are more widely available than Emperor beds. This makes it easier to find a variety of options in terms of design, material, and price range.
Bedding – Super king-size bedding is more widely available and less expensive than Emperor bedding, making it easier to find affordable and stylish options.

Cons of Super King-sized beds

Size – Super king-sized beds are large, but not as large as Emperor beds.  This means they may not provide as much space for those who like to spread out while sleeping.
Luxury – Some people may feel that Super king-sized beds lack the luxury and grandeur of Emperor beds.
Size limitations – Super king-sized beds may still be too large for some bedrooms, especially if the room is already furnished with other large pieces.

This brings us to the end of our comparison of an emperor bed vs a super king-sized bed. Both bed types are known for their gigantic size and the extraordinary comfort they offer. If you want to know what size bed is bigger, the emperor bed takes the mantle. The decision comes down to the buyer’s preferences and budget.

What bed is bigger than a king?

Beds larger than a king size are as follows:

Emperor: Measuring 84 by 84 inches (213 by 213 centimeters)
Super Emperor: Measuring 90 by 84 inches (229 by 213 centimeters)
Caesar: Measuring 96 by 84 inches (244 by 213 centimeters)
Super Caesar: Measuring 108 by 84 inches (274 by 213 centimeters)

These exceptionally large beds are commonly used by large families and for co-sleeping. Just like super king beds, these oversized beds and their accompanying accessories and foundations are not readily available and often require custom-made solutions.

Do mattress dimensions vary by country?

Certainly! Here’s the rephrased version:

Companies provide varying dimensions for the same bed style depending on the country of purchase. Let’s take the king and super king beds as an example:

In the United States, a king-size bed measures 76 by 80 inches (193 by 203 centimeters), whereas in the United Kingdom, a king-size bed measures 50 by 78 inches (150 by 200 centimeters).

Similarly, in the United States, a super king-size bed has dimensions of 72 by 78 inches (180 by 200 centimeters), while in the United Kingdom, a super king-size bed measures 72 by 84 inches (180 by 210 centimeters).

When shopping in different countries, it is essential to verify the mattress dimensions to ensure that you are purchasing the correct size that meets your preferences and requirements.

If size and luxury are what you’re after then emperor beds can be a better option. Conversely, if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, super king-sized beds may just be the right thing for you. This comparison can help you make a better and more knowledgeable call in this regard.

Stay tuned for information and comparisons about an emperor bed vs a super king bed and other popular bed types.

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