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Effortless Steps to Convert EML Files to PDF File Format?

There are some easy steps to convert files into PDF file format.

This article is informative article you should probably have to read this blog. The main purpose of writing this blog is to acknowledge you of some effortless steps to convert EML files to PDF file formats.  So read this blog till the end you should probably know about facts that which you should require to convert EML files to PDF format.

Before start the blog we have to know a little bit about the EML file to PDF file format. Come in the below section. EML file is known as electronic mail which consists of single mail & messages along with their attachments. EML is supported by various e-mail clients which are  Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Sea monkey, Apple Mail, etc.

PDF is a Portable file format known for saving documents in safer form by users, PDF is the most secure form of file format which is opted for by users. PDF file format consists of images, fonts, attachments, hyperlinks, and many more things. This file format is easily operated by any of the users.

Hope you understand both file formats,

In this blog, we are going to narrate to you two unique methods of conversion, through which you can effortless steps to convert EML files to PDF formats.

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download-buttonMethod 1 – Manual Method for converting EML to PDF file format

Method 2- Expert advice to convert EML file to PDF file format.

Now we discuss what are the reasons suitable for convert EML files to PDF formats.

As we all know that there were many reasons which are require for exporting EML files to PDF formats.

  • PDF files are the most secure file format opted by the users because PDF files are encrypted and Password protected.
  • The main reason for convert EML files to PDF format is we want to convert EML files to PDF format because while converting EML files to PDF format we can view PDF files on any platform without any internet connection.
  • Unauthorized users cannot view PDF files without your permission.
  • PDF files are easily accessible on any other Platform while EML files are not.
  • PDF is the most portable file format for users. Just because it the safest and most secure mode of file saving.

Now we shall continue the blog with Manual Method, which we are going to describe in the below portion. So without skipping any part just read the articles thoroughly.

Method 1 – Converting EML files to PDF with the assistance of Microsoft Word.

You can convert EML files to PDF format manually with the assistance of Microsoft Word. Only you have to do is open the EML files with MS Word and save this file in a PDF file, If you want just follow the below steps.

  • First, you have to do is Open the save location of EML files.
  • Now what you have to is choose the EML files and right tab on it, then choose open with.
  • Then you have to choose the Microsoft Word option from the drop-down menu.
  • This will open and display the EML files in MS Word.
  • Save this EML file format file as a PDF file.
  • Go to the file menu and select the Save option.
  • Beneath the superior option, choose the PDF and Click Export.

So by obeying these above steps you can convert an EML file to PDF format. But at one time you can convert only one EML file, in case you want to convert a huge amount of EML files then you have to repeat the whole process again and again, So that would become very worse for every user. After discussing the terms and conditions of the Manual Method, we have another for your which Professional and Automate method.

To convert your EML files into PDF format effortlessly by professional method, you have to read the automated method sequences-wise.

Method 2- Expert Advice for converting EML file to PDF format.

To Convert EML file to PDF format, you can use WholeClear EML to PDF Converter Application which is an automated and professional solution for each and every user who wish to convert EML file to PDF format. Interested one can go for its demo version to evaluate its function. This professional solution has many versatile features.

Here are its key features:-

  • This tool provides you with the rapid and smart conversion of your EML file to PDF format.
  • Thus it automatically previews your EML messages for migrating EML to PDF conversion.
  • It saves all EML attachments partially at users – a defined place.
  • To operate this software, you don’t require any installation of MS Outlook.
  • You can convert EML files to PDF format in bulk.
  • This tool provides error-free conversion of your EML file to PDF formats.

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If you want to convert EML to PDF format by Professional method, you have to follow the steps in proper order for conversions.

These are the steps, which you have to pay attention to converting the EML to PDF format.

  • Install the software and run it on your system.
  • Then you have to browse the EML file folder from your system.

  • Get a preview you the selected EML files that you need to convert.

  • Next, you have to choose the destination folder where you want to store your file.

  • Now in the end you have to hit the OK button for processing the conversion.


Hope you find this article helpful, for convert EML files to PDF format. We have described both methods sequences-wise so that you understand every point very clearly. We have to provide a brief distinguish on both the solution. So you can able to pick the right method for you. We suggest you go with the Professional method which does not waste your time the Conversion is compare to the manual method. The professional method does not change the file quality after the conversion. The manual method is a cost-free solution, but not an accurate solution for the very useful, this process cannot operate by every user because its operate steps are so messy create. Choose the right solution for conversion as per your requirements.

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