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Easy Way to Export Gmail Emails to Outlook PST?

This article covered several methods for PCs and local computers to export Gmail emails to Outlook PST format. Users are required to download Gmail emails in PST format to a hard drive or desktop for a number of reasons. Read carefully to understand the instructions and a qualified answer (Gmail Backup Tool).

No question! Most people around us use Gmail, a quick, free, and always accessible email software. Gmail is the best illustration of cloud technology now that it has been released and is being used so widely. In addition, Gmail’s storage capacity is sufficient to keep users. But what if the Gmail account is the target of a cyberattack or the user mistakenly deleted something? The best way to keep the data safe and secure is by archiving or exporting Gmail emails. Let’s first go over some fundamental PST information before talking about the step-by-step process to export Gmail to PST format.

To store emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, events, etc., Microsoft created the PST file format. Desktop email clients include MS Outlook. It belongs to the Microsoft Office Suite. Due to its role in keeping users’ calendars and contacts up to date, it is also known as a personal information manager. In addition, Outlook provides Search, Spam Filter, Rules, and a number of other noteworthy features that make the email feature obvious.

Why Need to Export Gmail Emails to PST Format

View the advantages of exporting a Gmail mailbox to PST format. The advantages of PST files are covered in this section.

  • PST is an efficient format. Data can be efficiently transferred from one machine to another and then replicated on an external storage device. Later, import your PST file into Microsoft Outlook to find your data.
  • The PST file can be secured properly to store data items and restrict access.
    Two versions of Microsoft Outlook exist. One is designed for Windows, while the other is for Mac OS X.
  • Additionally, utilising the GAMMO Tool from Google, PST can be suggested to numerous Gmail/G Suite accounts.
  • Users occasionally export Gmail emails to PST on a hard disc because of its adaptability. One can import PST to Office 365, AOL, Zoho, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

How to Export a Gmail Mailbox into a PST File

In this piece, we’ll go over the manual and direct method that helps users safely export Gmail mailboxes into PST formats.

#1. Use Google Takeout to export emails from Gmail

#2. Straightforward Method for Exporting Gmail Mailboxes to PST

User Query: “Help me Out!” a user cries out. What is the best way to store emails from Gmail to my computer? On my Gmail account, I have saved all of my emails, documents, and other data. However, I currently need to store a handful of my emails on my PC for quick access.

1. Google Takeout Technique for PST Export of Gmail Mailbox

Google Takeout is a built-in function of Gmail that enables the export of Gmail emails to MBOX files for storage on a computer or external hard disc. You can convert MBOX files to PST files after saving your Gmail emails in MBOX format to your hard drive. It has a few limitations but is a free option to back up Gmail emails to an external hard drive.

How to Export Gmail Emails to a Hard Drive in PST

1. Launch a browser, sign in to your Gmail account with your system credentials, and navigate to (

2. The Google Takeout page can be found here.

Gmail mailbox export through Google Takeout

3. Select the option you wish to export by clicking the Deselect All button.

Gmail mailbox export through Google Takeout

4. Select the File Type option and then the file type that best suits your needs; in this case, you should download Gmail emails. You have a choice of either ZIP or TGZ. Furthermore, decide how frequently to export Gmail emails. Gmail mailbox export through Google Takeout

5. To continue processing, tap the Create Export option.

6. You can view the creation status of Gmail email exports here. Gmail mailbox export through Google Takeout

When the procedure is finished, Google Takeout will send you an email with a download link. To save received Gmail emails to the hard disc, open the email and select Download Archive from the menu.

Gmail emails are currently exported in MBOX format. Then, we advise you to convert the MOBX format to PST file format using the MBOX Converter.

Limitation With Manual Approach

Users claim that Google Takeout is not the best option for exporting Gmail mailboxes due to its limitations.

  • Internet connection required! Repetitive instances of the process may result from lost internet connectivity.
  • Do not guarantee that all emails will be download to the hard disc.
  • It no a direct method to export Gmail emails to Outlook PST file.
  • Lack of a date filter to export Gmail emails by a certain timeframe.
  • The Gmail account’s incoming emails are not supported for backup.

2. Direct Method to PST Export Gmail Mailbox

If the Gmail email export to PST fails, don’t worry! To do this, use a straightforward, action-oriented approach. To download and export Gmail mailboxes to PST formats, use the dependable and effective backup programme Aryson Gmail Backup. Additionally, this programme allows users to save and backup Gmail emails into a variety of file formats, including PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, MSG, etc.

Characteristics of the Direct Approach

  • Gmail email export to PST files, which are compatible with Microsoft Outlook.
  • enables the desktop download of pictures from Google Drive.
  • For gathering Gmail inbox details, it has highlighted more than ten different file types.
  • enables users to save Gmail mailbox data to PST, MSG, EML, TXT, PDF, and other file types.
  • allows users to easily move emails from one Gmail account to another, as well as to Yahoo, Outlook,
  • Thunderbird, and other Gmail accounts.
  • All Google Drive data, including Docs, Calendar, Photos, Contacts, etc., may be successfully backup to an external hard drive.

This article explains how to easily export Gmail emails to Outlook PST file format. We have covered both direct and manual methods for exporting Gmail emails to PST format. However, it is advise to choose a rapid and immediate solution (SysConverter Gmail Backup Tool) to eliminate all data loss issues while exporting Gmail emails to Outlook PST format in order to do a thorough and quick backup procedure.

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