Easy techniques to fix QuickBooks error 6123

QuickBooks is a cloud-based bookkeeping software that helps users in tax submission, payroll, creating invoices, account reports, and storing the transactions during the day-to-day sales.  The software can execute all the financial processes quickly, which saves a lot of time and effort. A drawback of the software is the random internal errors, causing a negative impact on the software’s functioning. QuickBooks error 6123 appears in the software when the user tries to access the company file. If your QuickBooks is dealing with a similar issue, keep reading the blog to find out its triggers and the methods you must use to counter it.

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About the error

QuickBooks will develop this error due to a failure in connecting with the company file. When you try to open your company file and the software isn’t able to find it in the specified location, you’ll see error codes on your screen. Apart from accessing the file, you’ll also be restricted from restoring your company file’s backup. You must resolve this error to open your company file again, till then, crashes in the software will occur unexpectedly.


The primary triggers for this company file error in QuickBooks are given below-

  • You tried to open your file using the file explorer rather than QuickBooks.
  • If the file is located in the network, the failure to access it can be due to issues in the multi-user network.
  • The company file you tried to open is in an unsupported format due to damage or corruption.

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The methods to tackle this error in QuickBooks are-

Solution 1- Repair the Network Descriptor file & transaction log file

The transaction log(.tlg) & the network descriptor(.nd) files are program files used for storing the transactions & maintaining the multi-user network, respectively. Any issues with the files will not let the company file open in the software. You can rename the file to repair them, as they’ll be recreated when you rerun QuickBooks. Follow the steps given below-

  1. Open the folder that contains your QuickBooks files.
  2. The program files will have a similar name as your company file with extensions .nd & .tlg.
  3. Right-click on the file and select Rename.
  4. Add ‘.old’ at the end of this file name & repeat the steps for another file.
  5. Save the files and retry opening your company file again.

Try the next method if you still fail to open the company file.

Solution 2- Use the QuickBooks file doctor tool

You can use the File doctor toll to repair your company file if it’s damaged. Follow the steps given below-

  1. Open QuickBooks Tool hub and click on Company file issues.
  2. Select Run QuickBooks File doctor.
  3. Choose your company file from the list or locate it using Browse.
  4. Enter your QB admin password and wait till the toll finishes the repair.
  5. Reopen QuickBooks and open your company file.

The error will be fixed, and you’ll be able to open your company file now.

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This is the end of our blog, QuickBooks error 6123 was described in detail. You learned about the reasons it occurs and the methods that can be used to resolve it. We hope you applied the solutions & your QuickBooks is working efficiently again.

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