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Double Vs. Triple-Glazed Windows

If you have been renovating your commercial or residential property, chances are you’re overwhelmed by a plethora of important choices to make. From installing the right aluminum doors at the entrance to making sure that your uPVC windows have the right number of panes, it can be a lot to decide.

Luckily, there are people like us who can help you through the process. And while many decisions will still require your attention, we’ll help you by starting with a comparison of double and triple-glazed windows.

As you may know, single-glazed windows are already out of the equation. This is because these windows are the least energy-efficient, the most unsafe option, and often do very little to keep your home comfortable. So without wasting a thought on the option that’s not viable anymore, let’s talk about the two favorites; double and triple-glazed windows.

But first, let’s answer this big question.

Why Picking the Right Windows is Important?

You may not realize that choosing the right window has a lot to do with how your property will function. From ensuring energy efficiency to providing noise reduction, a window does much more than an accessory in the wall.

Why Picking the Right Windows is Important?

Here are some reasons why you must be careful about choosing the right window manufacturer, glazing, material, and design.


Just like eyes are the window to your soul, windows literally give a peek into your property’s soul. The right kind of windows that perfectly blend in your interior and exteriors reflect your taste and attention to detail as a building owner.


Windows are meant to offer us view, air, and sunlight. All this while making sure that the heating or cooling doesn’t escape your home. Essentially, choosing the right window will enhance your home’s energy-efficiency.


Choosing the right windows is also important because this isn’t an everyday decision. Most buildings and homeowners replace windows after 30 years, so it’s wise to think of the long-term impact of choosing a window style.

Costly Investment

Aluminum windows in triple-glaze are not cheap. So while choosing windows for your property, remember you are making a costly investment, and all aspects have to be carefully weighed in.

Costly Investment

What is a Double Glazed Window?

Single-pane windows have become pretty much obsolete. A double-glazed window has two glass panes and is the most commonly offered product by most window manufacturers. The space between the two panes is filled with insulation gas that prevents the heat from escaping.

What is a Triple Glazed Window?

As the name suggests, a triple-glazed window has three glass panes. Each glass pane is fixed in an aluminum or uPVC frame, and the space in between is filled with insulation gases such as argon.

How to Make a Pick?

Whether you’re renovating your home or office, here are some factors to consider before choosing between double and triple-glazed windows.


Although both double and triple-glazed windows are energy-efficient, triple-glazed wins in this aspect. Due to multiple layers of insulation gas, triple-glazed uPVC windows are 50 percent better at keeping the heating and cooling inside the building.


Triple-glazed windows once again take the win. Because triple-glazed windows have laminated glass in between the two panes, it offers higher security. Laminated glass contains polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which prevents intruders from breaking the glass.


Investing in costly triple-glazed windows may not be a problem if you’re looking at the long-term benefits. However, most building owners prefer double-glazed windows due to the 20 percent less price and similar functionality.


Noise Reduction

Both double and triple-glazed windows help in reducing noise. But triple-glazed windows may add to the vibration due to extra space between two panes. Therefore, double-glazed windows are better if you only want to reduce noise pollution.

Installation and Maintenance

Both double and triple-glazed windows are easy to install and maintain. However, bear in mind that you cannot fit double-glazed windows in a fitting for triple-glazed and vice versa. So make your decision carefully.

Frame Material

Aluminum windows and uPVC windows are two popular materials for double and triple-glazed windows. Both are energy-efficient options and are widely available.

Architectural Considerations

Some experts suggest that north-facing rooms should have triple-glazed windows to fully benefit from their higher energy efficiency. For other rooms, double-glazed windows work fine.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions. Talk to Experts!

Double and triple-glazed windows aren’t meant for every home. It’s better that you talk to expert window manufacturers such as Oridow before placing your aluminum window or uPVC window order. Get in touch with the China-based door manufacturer to find aluminum doors, uPVC doors, and fold-up windows in the US, New Zealand, Maldives, and Singapore.

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