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Digital marketing career growth in india

With the raise of internet the world has become totally different now. Back in the past when people were not aware about digital marketing concept, no body had ever imagined that internet can become a something very big as it is in today’s date. The era of digital marketing changed many things in the over all world like jobs, online shopping, movies or, etc. But still there are some people who are yet to familiar with the concept of digital.(digital marketing growth in India)

Many studies have shown that upcoming years are going to be digital years, it means that more than 90% things will be based over the technology. Technology is anything which is being created by people to make their life easy, whether it’s car, mobile phones, T.V, laptop or many other things. Digital marketing involves Search engine marketing (SEM), Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM), etc. All these are the strategies to do the digital marketing.

Digital marketing basically is the 4th P of 4P’s of marketing. Product, price, place, promotion. Digital marketing comes under promotion section where with the help of internet marketers promote, communicate with people or sale the product and services. Now, more than 80% people prefer purchasing over internet.

There are many companies who provide digital marketing services to promote any product and services. In India, where traditional marketing had captured the whole segment of marketing, now going down each and every single day. Even offline job in India has been disappearing gradually. But People have adopted this change gratefully. In today’s day India is considered as the biggest country who is doing digital marketing to promote product and services.

How digital marketing has changed the India

1) Creativity- India is a country which has been depended on the trading all the time. But, because of the era of digital marketing now the creativity has pooping up. People are now able to show their capability in a better way. YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many social media platforms where people share their work to get more clients and make more money. Digital marketing now is not just a component of marketing but it’s a way to show the talent and creativity.

2) New jobs- Change into the career always keeps us on thrill. Same goes with digital era. Before digital marketing or internet concept people don’t have much options to do and to make money specially in India. But with the pace of time and with the help of digital marketing people have more options to do.

9 to 5 timing job concept has removed now. People in India are now learning new skills and becoming their own boss. Freelancers, digital marketing firm, affiliate marketers all these terms have born in digital marketing world.

3) Multiple source of Income- It says that never depend on the single source of Income. You will always end up having no money. But people who have the skills of digital marketing can make multiple source of income for themselves. This is something which motivate people to move forward and do something big in life.

In India affiliate marketing is on the top as a second source of Income and people are making a good amount of money through this. All this is possible because of digital era.

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