Different Types of Horse Saddles

Horseback riding is one of the great activities you could do with your horse. It helps them stay active while you enjoy the outdoors as well. It is also a great bonding activity between the owner and a horse, strengthening their bond and making them more comfortable with each other.

A horse saddle is one of the essential accessories you need when you’re planning to ride your horse. It makes it easier to maintain your balance and sit comfortably while keeping your horse’s back comfortable as well during the ride. There are different types of horse saddles and each one is made for different purposes. Here’s a simple guide to help you out when shopping for saddles.

General Purpose Saddle

Based on its name, this type of saddle can be used in various types of riding. It is designed to help the rider get better balance while riding. It can also accommodate a wide variety of movements including different kinds of jumps, making it versatile for all types of riders. A general-purpose saddle is usually used by riding schools because of the variety of rider types that are present there.

Dressage Saddle

A dressage saddle is designed for those riders who like to have a dressage ride with their horse. Dressage is a type of horseback riding that showcases the horse’s obedience and athletic skills. This saddle is designed mainly for flat-work competitions and has a deeper seat for a better balance for the rider. It is also made from thin material, allowing closer leg contact to create more precise moves.

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Western Saddle

The western saddle is one of the most commonly used stock saddles. It is designed for riders who need to spend longer durations on the back of the horse. Western saddles are used for a variety of Western riding disciplines. There are also other varieties that are designed for other riding purposes such as trail riding, cattle ranching, and even Polocrosse.

Hunting Saddle

A hunting saddle is designed differently than other saddles. Its main purpose is for fox hunting but you can also use it when hunting other animals. Since hunting requires steep drops and high jumps, you’ll need a saddle that will help you maintain your balance while doing those actions. A hunting saddle is designed to push the rider’s weight into the saddle. Whether you do jumps or drops, your body naturally leans forward as you land, making it easier to balance.

Racing Saddle

Racing saddles are typically smaller and more lightweight compared to other saddles. It is made specifically for jumping fences and galloping fast. The design of this saddle is not really meant for sitting. It is meant that the rider will just hover over it while crouching on the stirrups during a horse race.

By choosing the right saddle based on your riding style, you can have a better horseback riding experience with your horse. Know what type of riding style you’ll be doing more frequently and find a saddle that suits it perfectly.

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