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Delta – HPE Compute Solutions HPE0-S60 Dumps

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Delta – HPE Compute Solutions

This delta exam validates candidates’ ASE level technical skills regarding HPE compute solutions. Successful candidates will demonstrate knowledge of design principles and implementation expertise of HPE compute solutions within a customer environment.

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Ideal candidate

The Minimally Qualified Candidate (MQC) has either the HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect V4 or the HPE ASE – Composable Infrastructure Integrator V1 certification and at least 24 months experience with HPE compute solutions and associated technologies, including design, install, configure, optimize, and resolve issue resolution.  The MQC has experience focused on interpreting architectures and customer requirements to design, install, and configure HPE compute solutions.

Exam Objectives

17%    Understand and position the mainstream HPE enterprise compute product portfolio

15%    Plan and Design Server Solutions

  • Given a set of customer requirements, plan and design a solution
  • Given a scenario, verify  the solution is complete and the site is prepared for implementation
  • Given a scenario, validate the solution design for compatibility with the existing infrastructure
  • Given a scenario, identify the required components for an implementation plan

33%    Install, Configure, and Set Up, HPE Server Solutions

  • Describe installation and start-up procedure for solution components
  • Describe how the advanced configuration of the solution components is performed
  • Describe how to validate proper solution functionality

17%    Troubleshoot HPE Server Solutions

  • Given a scenario, use the appropriate tools to identify and analyze an issue
  • Given a scenario with an issue, explain the action plan for resolution
  • Given a defined issue and action plan, explain the effects and results of the proposed actions
  • Identify appropriate measures to limit reoccurrences of resolved issues

18%    Manage, Monitor, and Maintain Solutions

  • Given a customer scenario, identify potential impacts of a change
  • Given a customer’s performance data and solution design, identify the bottleneck
  • Given a scenario, identify changes in customer compute resource requirements
  • Using support matrices, evaluate software and firmware compatibility
  • Describe methods for modifying configuration of components to meet changing customer requirements

View Delta – HPE Compute Solutions HPE0-S60 Free Questions

1. Your customer plans to deploy VMware vSAN using D3940 Storage Modules.
Which statement about this solution is true?
A.The 12Gb SAS modules required for D3940 connectivity can only be installed in the first fabric.
B.To use the storage controller that will access D3940 storage modules, a second CPU must be installed.
C.For VMware vSAN deployment, all drives in the D3940 storage modules must be SSD drives.
D.All drives in the D3940 storage modules must formulate a single logical drive with RAID5 configured
Answer: A

2. Your customer plans to use HPE Primera to boot HPE Synergy compute nodes. They currently have two HPE Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 Module for Synergy modules installed in the frame. The customer wants to use FC as a storage access protocol
What must be done to complete this task?
A.Enable FC primary and secondary boot on the modules through the HPE OneView interface
B.FC connectivity on the modules should be enabled through the service console by disabling FCoE.
C.Add FC upgrade licenses in HPE OneView that will enable FC connectivity for the modules
D.Enter both modules into a maintenance mode, then enable FC connectivity through CLI
Answer: B

A.Rack Management Controller for nPar management
B.HPE Superdome Flex Grid licenses enabling connectivity between chassis
C.At least Tour HPE Persistent Memory DIMMs per nPar
D.One base chassis and three expansion chassis with licenses
Answer: D

4. Your customer wants to compare HPE Superdome Flex with HPE Superdome Flex 280.
Which statement about these two systems is true?
B.Only HPE Superdome Flex supports HPE Persistent Memory
C.Only HPE Superdome Flex 280 can support multiple nPars
D.Only HPE Superdome Flex supports 32 sockets and 48TB of memory
Answer: A

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