Dealing with QuickBooks Desktop Needs to Update Your Company File Issue

QuickBooks is a robust online application used popularly worldwide by business companies for the safe book-keeping of all the financial data of clients. Not just it allows effective management of the monetary exchanges but also provides a wide variety of features to do so easily. But sometimes users have encountered errors in the process that interrupt their work.

One of which we will discuss in detail is, the “QuickBooks desktop needs to update your company file” issue which arises when the user is trying to access the company file with a new version of the QuickBooks desktop. Follow this blog till the end to learn what triggers this issue and what you can do to resolve them. In case of additional information, contact our professional team for guidance.

Reasons Behind Company File Upgradation Needs

There could be several reasons behind the company file upgradation needs suddenly including

  1. Old Company File: After updating the QuickBooks Desktop application, the company file needs to be updated manually. It doesn’t get updated on its own after the upgradation of the QuickBooks Desktop. Accessing the company file without updating it can give rise to errors.
  2. Not Logging in As Administrator: If the user has updated the QuickBooks Desktop but is not logged into the desktop with the account that has administrative rights can trigger issues in the future.

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Points to Consider Before Fixing the Company File Issue on the QuickBooks Desktop

Before kick-starting the process of fixing the company file issue on the QuickBooks Desktop, the user should consider doing the following tasks to avoid any errors in the future.

  1. Don’t upgrade the company file in the same system where you receive the company file needs to be updated issue. The user should first move the company file to a different computer and then finish the update procedure. Then transfer the company file to this location.
  2. Update the QuickBooks Desktop from the system which has administrative rights to avoid any further issues.
  3. Don’t interrupt the update procedure.
  4. Access the company file only after the upgradation is done.

Fixing the Company File Issue on the QuickBooks Desktop

To solve the company file issue on the QuickBooks desktop, you can try out these methods step-by-step.

Method 1: Download the Latest QuickBooks Desktop Update

  • Log in to the system as an administrator and sign in to the QuickBooks desktop with the administrative rights.
  • Go to the older QuickBooks version and then double-click on the company file you want to update.
  • Access the Product Information details or simply press F2 for the same.
  • Double click on the Rebuild Utilities on the company file and Run it.
  • Now open the newer version of the QuickBooks desktop and from the file section start or restore the company file.
  • Then open the company file location and click Next.  Search and access the company file with the .qbw extension.
  • Then open the company file with the administrative rights and hit Update Now to begin the process of upgradation.
  • Once finished, click on Done.

Summing Up

QuickBooks Desktop Needs to Update Your Company File Issue can be a tough one to deal with as mostly the users forget to update the company file after upgrading the QuickBooks desktop software. Hopefully, the elaborated method explained above will help you fix the issue with the company file successfully. If the issue still persists or in case of additional guidance, you can dial 1-855-856-0042 for satisfactory results.

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Hi, I am Allan Ramsay, a professional Data recovery Engineer, working with Quickbooks Pro Advisors as a consultant from the past five years in the USA. I am a specialized and trained Cloud consultant who helps a small and medium-sized entrepreneur to track & manage their company file and a database online at any time from anywhere. Contact me at +1-855-856-0042 for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting support and troubleshooting.

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