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Cost of Developing a Healthcare Mobile App in 2022?

Healthcare Mobile App

The healthcare industry is one of the most dynamically growing industries in the world. By 2030, the global market for mobile health applications will reach USD 38.2 billion, growing at CAGR of 11.8%.

With the increasing demand for healthcare services, there is also an increase in the development of mobile apps that cater to this need. However, not all mobile applications are the same. The cost of developing a healthcare mobile app depends on a number of factors, such as the features and functionality of the app, the platform on which it will be developed, the country in which it will be developed, etc. Here’s a more detailed look at the cost of developing a healthcare app in 2022.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Healthcare Apps

The cost of developing a healthcare mobile app will depend on a few factors. 

Type of App

The first is the type of app you want to develop. There are three main types of healthcare apps: 

  • Patient-facing Apps: These are apps that are meant for patients to use. They can be used for things like book appointments, track medical records, and get prescriptions filled. 
  • Provider-facing Apps: Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are the intended users of these apps. It is possible to manage patient records, write prescriptions, and order lab tests using these types of apps. 
  • Administrative Apps: Apps like these are used to deal with billing and coding, scheduling staff shifts, and keeping track of inventory.

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The second factor that will affect the cost of developing a healthcare mobile app is the features you want to include. Some common features for healthcare mobile apps include appointment scheduling, messaging or chat functionality, record keeping, e-prescriptions, and push notifications. 


Another factor that affects the cost of developing a healthcare mobile app is the platform on which the app will be developed. The two most common platforms for mobile apps are iOS and Android. Generally speaking, Android apps are less expensive to develop than iOS apps. This is because Android apps can be developed using cheaper tools and technologies. 

Choosing Natve or Hybrid Apps

Fourth, you’ll need to decide if you want to develop a native app or a hybrid app. Native apps are developed specifically for one platform while hybrid apps are developed using HTML5 and can be used on multiple platforms. 

Selecting a Reliable Healthcare App Development Company

Finally, the last but critical factor that affects the cost of developing a healthcare mobile app is the expertise of the healthcare app development company. It is not uncommon for some companies to charge a higher rate than others. Additionally, some companies offer discounts for certain types of projects, such as healthcare mobile apps. Thus, look to hire app developers that are skillful, reliable and under your budget.

Average Cost of Healthcare App Development

The cost of developing a healthcare mobile app will vary depending on the features, functionality and more. A basic app with few features can be developed for as little as $10,000. However, if you are looking to develop a more complex app with features such as online booking or video conferencing, you can expect to pay closer to $100,000. 

While the upfront cost of developing a healthcare mobile app may be high, it is important to consider the long-term benefits of doing so. A well-designed healthcare mobile app can save your organization money by reducing no-shows and decreasing the need for paper records. In addition, a mobile app can improve patient satisfaction and loyalty.

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Closing Notes

While the cost of developing a healthcare mobile app is high, it’s important to consider all of the factors that go into creating a successful app. With so many people using smartphones and other mobile devices to access information, there’s no doubt that healthcare apps are here to stay.

By 2023, we can expect even more innovative and life-saving apps to hit the market. If you’re thinking about developing a healthcare app, be sure to factor in these costs and plan accordingly. Moreover, get in touch with an experienced healthcare app development company for your development needs. So, are you ready to take your business to the next level with a healthcare mobile app?

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