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Color and Concept Design in Kitchen Renovation

Not everyone can boast of large kitchens. That’s why a kitchen renovation process is so important. Designers have developed a beautiful and functional kitchen interior for a small area that will be beautiful after renovation. By following the rules you will get a good kitchen renovation.

The practicality of the project goes off scale – almost all the free space is involved, but at the same time there is enough free space so as not to feel constrained and uncomfortable in the kitchen. No crowding, inconvenience or lack of space. All necessary kitchen appliances, utensils and other trifles are present to facilitate the work of the hostess. But all this is hidden from prying eyes. Consider in more detail the design of a small kitchen.


In this project, the kitchen shares one area with the living room. The studio solution is a great way out if you need to expand the space. The kitchen set was placed in the corner adjacent to the living room. The facades of the cabinets are glossy, light gray, without decor and frills. Cabinets smoothly transition into a snow-white stylish countertop, with the help of an apron. The color scheme is impeccable. Such minimalism works great for visually increasing the area. To maximize available storage space, cabinets take up the entire area, up to the ceiling. Hidden lighting, reflected in the glossy facades, visually expands the horizons and brightens the room, so does the daylight that enters the room through a large window.

Built-in technology.

Since the task before the designers was quite difficult – to install all the necessary modern kitchen in a small kitchen space without cluttering up the usable area. And, I must say, the experts managed to do it. For example, the built-in refrigerator is hidden using doors that are identical to all other cabinets.


The practical, multi-functional worktop has an L-shape, providing plenty of space for food preparation. In addition, it is rationally equipped with a console section that can be used as an additional cooking space or as a dining table for two. Stylish chairs also played a role – they are compact. A modern square-shaped sink is built into the countertop, and next to it, a hob was installed on a pair of burners. Of course, this version of the kitchen is designed for a small family or a hotel house.

Living room.

The interior of the living room fits perfectly into the conceptual design of the kitchen. It was highlighted with a carpet on the floor and stylish lamps, in a contrasting black color, in an industrial style. A large red leather sofa and a TV are all the furnishings in this area.

Minimalist kitchen.

If you are faced with the task of equipping a functional interior in a small kitchen, then you should turn to the minimalist style, which visually enlarges the space and evokes a feeling of freedom and lightness in every movement.

Appliances and decor: it is better to use built-in appliances, a minimum of decor and clear lines.

Colors: neutral basic shades: black, beige, brown, white and grey. Of course, it is better to use no more than 2-3 shades in the interior. Bright colors can also be used as accents. For example orange, yellow or red. But, most importantly, keep a balance and not overdo it with accents. Each color scheme should have its own purpose. You should not make a decision in the field of color if it is not justified.

Textures: wood, stone or brick. Don’t forget clean lines. The most spectacular combination is the combination of glossy or matte facades with exotic woods: Macassar, Wenge or Zebrano.

Furniture and storage: minimalism does not tolerate open shelves. All cabinets and drawers must be closed. When choosing a kitchen set, pay attention to cabinets, pencil cases, and built-in wardrobes that literally merge with the wall.

But what if the kitchen is in the style of minimalism, and in other rooms, there are completely different solutions? If we are talking about city apartments, then minimalism is compatible with eco-style, art deco, ethnic style, and loft.

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